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Happy Thoughts
Courtesy Comedy Central Records

Daniel Tosh, of Comedy Central’s hit show, Tosh.O, has made a career out of being unabashedly comfortable with making fun of pretty much everyone. On his third album, Happy Thoughts, (which also aired as a one hour special on March 6, 2011) Tosh whirls through roughly an hour of material ranging from gay marriage, steroid use in sports, to giving his first and probably last high school commencement speech. After being told by the administration that his humor at the graduation wasn’t appreciated, he retorts, “Explain to me why a dose of reality before community college is a bad thing?”

Tosh’s topics are characteristically dark, but also whimsically enthused to his audience, allowing the salt to sting after the laughs have already been served. According to Tosh, one of the perks that come with a successful television show includes never having to worry about a girlfriend breaking up with him. Familiar topics about relationships and dealing with a significant other also receive makeovers: “It’s not you versus some whore,” he tells his girlfriend. “It’s you versus every whore! Do you see how the scales shifted?” Tosh is the wild everyman, the smartass who smiles and giggles as he’s insisting why you’re just not as smart as you think you are. “If you’re 16 years-old and you think the only difference between you and Giselle (the supermodel) is your waist and not your busted face, my advice is to get really good at math.”

“I heart abortion,” he muses, before wondering aloud why an accompanying t-shirt isn’t available at local stores. From Joe Jackson beating greatness into a young Michael Jackson, to the love child of David Beckham and Brad Pitt, no topic is off-limits as long as it’s absurd enough for him to twist into an unapologetic wise crack. (Comedy Central Records)