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Stile Italiano: A One of a Kind Men's Boutique

Stile Italiano in Hillcrest
Stile Italiano in Hillcrest
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Men who live in San Diego and love to dress well didn’t have a lot of shopping options—until now.

Six months ago Nico Stanzione brought Italy to San Diego with his charming clothing boutique, Stile Italiano in Hillcrest. If you love the cut of Italian clothing, then this is the place for you. Everything in the store is imported and manufactured in Italy. Every week Stanzione gets new merchandise, and like all great boutique owners, he only orders a few in a sizes, to assure that people who shop here look and feel unique.

Stanzione, educated as an architect and sculptor in his hometown of Naples, explains in his sexy lilting Italian accent that the store is designed like a traditional Italian men’s boutique—complete with a lounge area, free espresso and cappuccino, and a TV that plays documentaries about Italy.

“I want to give my customers a real Italian experience,” Stanzione says.

Stile Italiano has everything from suits, shirts, ties, shoes, denim, tees, sports coats, hats, and even Italian pottery and art. “I opened this store help men in San Diego. Why should they have to go to L.A. to shop? Why not offer them high-end fashion outside of the mall stores,” Stanzione says.

The key to the clothes in Stile Italiano is the fit. “My customers have been to Italy. They love John Varavatos, but don’t want to spend that kind of money every time they shop. I offer them the same style with great details, and a great fit, for a lot less money,” Stanzione says.

Stanzione believes that men should show their “life experience” through their clothing. Meaning that if you’re older, your style should reflect a more classic aesthetic.

Stanzione gives three simple tips about dressing, and they’re all about size. The seam of the shoulder on the shirt or jacket should be on the shoulder, not below, or the coat is too big. Use four fingers to measure the sides of the jacket to see if it’s too big. And, use two fingers under the sleeve to see if the sleeves are too big.

Starting in May, every first Saturday of the month, Stile Italiano will offer free wine and appertivos from 6 p.m. until closing—wine, bruschetta, music, all the Italian favorites.

As only an Italian from Naples can understand, food, particularly pizza, is a subject of heated debate. After much conversation, and wild hand gesturing, he directs all of his customers to Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano on Park Blvd.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619.288.7968
  • Name: Stile Italiano
  • Address: 142 University Ave.