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ALBUM REVIEW: Prefuse 73

The Only She Chapters
The Only She Chapters
Warp Records


Guillermo Scott Herren, is an accomplished musician and producer that has received accolades over the years for his work through various projects like Savath y Savalas, Piano Overlord, and most notably Prefuse 73. His numerous albums have reached audiences around the globe, featuring Herren’s lush production work filled with sonic textures and thick hip-hop drum beats.

On his seventh release under the Prefuse 73 moniker, we see Herren make a return an album full of specific collaborations with, The Only She Chapters. Released through Warp Records, The Only She Chapters pairs Herren’s sonic landscapes with a wide array of female vocalists, featuring contributions from Zola Jesus, Shara Wooden and Angel Deradoorian among others.The album is definitely a departure from Herren’s previous work, but he made sure not stray too farfrom his aesthetic where his loyal fan base would feel, “alienated or baffled.” The core of the album is low key and relaxed, with the focus centered on Herren’s slick production work coupled with all-female guest vocalists. Compared to his previous collaborative effort, 2005’s Surround By Silence, and its’ follow up 2006’s Security Screenings, The Only She Chapters is a much more of a headphone affair, full of lush harmonies and soothing electronic glitches.

Without any guest appearances from Ghostface or the GZA anywhere near this album, The Only She Chapters highlights a gentler side of the Prefuse 73 franchise that fans have grown to admire and love. A total of 18 tracks in all, the highlight for many will surely be track seven featuring Trish Keenan on vocals. Keenan, vocalist for U.K. dream pop group Broadcast unexpectedly passed away January 2011, leaving her haunting vocals on, “The Only Trial of 9000 Suns” as one of the last glimpses the public would have of her ethereal voice.

With only a handful of live dates coming up, The Only She Chapters will be the only opportunity for many fans to get a chance to listen to the latest material from Prefuse 73. (Warp Records)