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Dan Monick

OFF! is the latest band to emerge from the ashes of the West Coast hardcore scene with a fury and sound that has been reinvigorating audiences with high energy performances and the release of their debut for Vice Records, First Four EPs.

Featuring former Black Flag singer Keith Morris on vocals, Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides) on guitar, Steve McDonald (Redd Kross) on bass and former drummer for Rocket from The Crypt and Hot Snakes, Mario Rubalcaba, OFF! can certainly be called a punk rock super group without hesitation. Their debut album is a collection of their first four EP’s, and is the essence a true punk rock album, with each of the songs clocking in under two minutes, and the longest song reaching a length of 1:32. Their recent set at Coachella was one of the highlights of the festival, as OFF! was one of just a few punk rock bands booked to perform at the at this year's event.

Their video, “Black Thoughts” features acclaimed artist Raymond Pettibon at work in his studio.