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INTERVIEW: Jagger and Kristi (VIDEO)

Jagger & Kristi
Jagger & Kristi
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The year was 1996. Grunge music was on the decline, Bill Clinton was still in office, and San Diego’s only married news team, Jagger and Kristi had not yet met. But things would soon change, as many of Magic 92.5’s morning drive listener’s know their story all to well.

With an extensive career in radio that led him to various markets around the country, Jagger eventually found himself in San Diego working at Star 100.7, where in 1996 he would meet and fall in love with his life partner and co-host of the past 15 years, Kristi. After a brief courtship process Jagger and Kristi soon embraced their relationship on-air and quickly became San Diego’s only married news team when they wed in the fall of 1997. Their relationship would blossom live on-air, as listeners had a detailed look inside the lives of two disc jockeys in love.They would switch stations and formats in 2002 when they debuted, “My Mornings with Jagger and Kristi” on (now) Star 94.1. And after three years with Star, Jagger and Kristi would join the roster of Magic 92.5, where the pair has hosted, “Magic Morning’s with Jagger & Kristi” for the past 6 years with no indication of slowing down.

SanDiego.com recently had a chance to catch up with the dynamic duo inside their new studio at Magic 92.5 headquarters in Mira Mesa, and found out how their chemistry has kept them a happy couple both on air, and at home.