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ALBUM REVIEW: Explosions In The Sky

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Courtesy Temporary Residence

Explosions In The Sky sixth studio album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, begins with the track “Last Known Surroundings,” a song that unfurls into serene siren-like calls of the bands three guitars and cascading tranquil arpeggios. Like much of the band's previous work, most of the tracks on the album make the eight minute stretch, and aren't without the deep contrasting moods and textures the band is known for.

The easy flow of their tracks and passive digestibility makes it possible for Take Care to be an accessible album, even for first time listeners, although Take Care represents a new level of heightened ability for the bands musicianship as many of their elements reach deeper cinematic levels. The shortest track on the album “Trembling Hands” drops in with one of the only resemblances of a vocal track, transitioning later into one of the more aggressive movements with crashing cymbals that fulminate into a stirring melodic picture. On the opposite, momentary passages on “Be Comfortable, Creature” or “Postcard from 1952” can be so hush and mellow that they become utterly silent. In six tracks Explosions In The Sky has written an album of ambling and peaceful soundscapes that displays a strict yet uncomplicated chemistry between it's members.

You take certain liberties in listening to a band like Explosions In The Sky, that there isn't any discernible hook or catchy vocal line to follow along with, and becoming lost within it is a part of the experience. The band's scoring intends to get to the forefront of your emotions, and once the album ends, whatever realizations or epiphanies you may have had become uniquely your own. (Temporary Residence Limited)