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Andy Dick Arrested at Marie Callender’s in Temecula

Another stumble in a series of intoxication-related troubles

Andy Dick

The latest Andy Dick arrest happened right in our backyard. He was recently on comedian Marc Maron’s “WTF Podcast” and stated “There’s been times when I haven’t drank for three years in a row. Right now, I know I’m in a very long stretch of complete abstinence and sobriety.” The sobriety Dick said he was in didn’t last long, as he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly at a Marie Callender’s in Temecula. He was in the bar causing a disturbance and was booked for public intoxication.

A little farther north (Riverside) three years ago, he pleaded guilty after being drunk outside a restaurant. He received probation in that case, which makes me wonder if any of these arrests are ever going to count as probation violations.

In Kathy Griffin’s book Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir she talks about how crazy Andy Dick is at shows. He’ll get wasted and not show up, or he’ll arrive and not perform well. It was always a train wreck she claimed to enjoy watching, but worried about. She said sometimes it ended up with him and underage males getting into his limo. He said at some universities he would arrive with just minutes before he was to hit the stage, and college student coordinators asking Griffin to stretch her set out longer to give him time to arrive.

San Diego fans that caught him at UCSD around 15 years ago are already well aware of what his live shows can be like. The crowd booed during the 30 minute set, and many wanted refunds. The local papers did stories about he stood on stage staggering, doing a drunken rant and yelling at the crowd. Years later, in 2004, he told Howard Stern that he was 86’d from UCSD.

Last year, he was charged with sexual abuse after allegations that he groped a bouncer and a patron in West Virginia at the Funny Bone.

In February in Woodland Hill, California, somebody caught him in a bathroom with a woman, performing a “lewd act.” The source said that later, Dick and the woman were in a car doing cocaine.

In October last year, he got into trouble when he flashed patrons at a coffee shop his genitals, and drunkenly staggered down the street. He had previously exposed himself to guests at an Independence Day celebration last summer.

He’s been arrested a few times for making unwarranted sexual advances toward men and women, but the weirdest incident of that was in February of 2007. He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live (his performances on that show were always wacky and funny). The other guest was Ivanka Trump. When she came out, he kept touching her legs and hair. Kimmel jokingly told him to behave. Dick eventually grabbed her arm and asked her to give him a sloppy kiss right on the lips. Kimmel called security guards over and they dragged him off. Had it been anybody but Dick, you’d just assume it was all a bit. On the next few shows, Kimmel talked about how bizarre the incident was. When Dick was on again, the incident was strangely not talked about.

In January of this year, Dick pulled an Ivanka Trump on a porn star at the Adult Entertainment Awards ceremony in Vegas. He was again thrown out.