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Paul McCartney Gets Engaged

Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell in 2010 photo
Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell in 2010 photo
Associated Press


Her name was Shevell/And she called herself Lil...but everyone knew her as Nancy. And we’ll all know the name Nancy Shevell – the one that snagged the cute Beatle.

Most people have no clue why Mr. McCartney got engaged again. He’s getting married for a third time. Doesn’t he remember how his second wife Heather Mills went all nutso on him? She accused him of being an alcoholic, abusing her, taking her leg and making fun of it…and she walked away with over $50 million (and rumor has it, if she had better attorneys, she could’ve gotten a lot more). I think McCartney picked right this time.

He started dating Shevell while he was separated from Mills, and has been seeing her for four years. She’s turned up with him at a variety of events, and unlike Mills – who sometimes snapped at folks, Shevell has been nothing but classy. What McCartney liked about Mills was that he had to pursue her. She merely wanted his money…so it could go to her landmine charity. I think McCartney respected that.

It’s odd that the one time I spoke with Mills at a charity event in Beverly Hills, she was unfriendly and even mean at times. Very strange when you're that way at your own fundraiser. People paid big bucks to get in (well, $500 was big bucks to me; Steven Spielberg walked over and handed her a check for $100k).

Paul’s children didn’t like Heather Mills. When photos popped up earlier this week with Shevell wearing the engagement ring, we also got to see her purse, by fashion designing daughter of Paul, Stella McCartney. It’s safe to say the kids are fine with her. Paul shelled out $650,000 for the ring, which sounds impressive. For the women that wrote hearts on their Beatles album near Paul’s face – here are some more stats on the ring. It’s a round-cut diamond, about the size of her knuckle; the man with the platinum records gave it a platinum setting.

This wedding is a small, intimate affair in her backyard in the Hamptons. Even though the stats don’t look promising for this wedding being successful, I’m guessing it will work.

Shevell was married to attorney Bruce Blakeman, her college sweetheart, for 20 years. He’s a good friend of former New York Governor George Pataki. She’s the VP of operations at New England Motor Freight, a company her dad founded. She’s got a lot of money, and stands to inherit a lot more. Supposedly, the pre-nup Paul asked her to sign merely says she can never go after his kids trust.

It’s the third marriage for McCartney. He was married to Linda for 30 years, until she passed away in 1995 (at age 56, Shevell is 51). And just like Linda, Shevell had breast cancer. McCartney became a vegetarian because Linda was. Well Shevell, a big steak lover, has gone vegetarian.

We can chalk up the six year marriage to Mills as her being a whack job. Paul had one child with her, and three with Linda.McCartney is 68 years old, and I’m guessing Shevell will still need him, and help feed him, even when he’s 74.