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ALBUM REVIEW: This Will Destroy You

Tunnel Blanket cover
Tunnel Blanket cover
Courtesy Suicide Squeeze

It's taken three years for This Will Destroy You to follow up their self-titled studio debut, and since then the few tracks on EPs such asField Studies have been the only inkling of what direction the bands spacey musicianship will take next. On the new offering,Tunnel Blanket, the Texas based instrumental quartet have gone to even darker lengths to experiment and give their sound of ambient dynamics a deeper more oblivion like feel.

The opening track, “Little Smoke,” the longest track on the album, clocks in around twelve minutes. If you don't make it through this one, it's best you pass on this album. While generally known for crawling at a slow, developing pace, in the first few minutes the track plunges into abysmal distortion, holding you in an ominous grip for up to eight minutes. Those not familiar with TWDY's pension for elongated movements in building wall of sound textures may find this a hard first listen; it has taken years for the band to arrive at such brave compositions. Seven minutes into the first single, “Communal Blood,” the track ascends into breathtaking percussive rhythm to close the track, making the brooding picture that came before only a compelling prelude. At a time when Texan experimental post-rock bands are on the rise, TWDY have definitely still managed to do something distinctively provocative and true to their moniker.

The replay value for something so elaborate could go either way, as you may want to see what you will discover through multiple listening, or the six-minute-plus track listing may have you craving a stretch. Attempt Tunnel Blanket if you have the patience of a shoe-gaze purist and can listen with the intent of finding something divisively cryptic within such expansive soundscapes. (Suicide Squeeze Records)