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Say Hello to Aloha Sunday and Melt

Aloha Sunday in North Park
Aloha Sunday in North Park
Photo by Rebekah Sager

The Aloha Sunday clothing boutique opened a few days ago, and owners Kahana Kalama and Billy Wickens describe the store as “Hawaiiana” like “Americana”—a place where the country meets the sea. And, Sunday doesn’t have to be a day to hate because it comes before Monday, but it should be a day to celebrate and enjoy.

Kalama and Wickens met while working with the Jedidiah clothing company. Kalama worked in branding, marketing and sales, and Wickens in shipping and inventory. Kalama says it’s a great partnership combining their strengths and passions—they’re also surfing buddies.

The two opened a “surf inspired” store in North Park because they’re seeing that kids want to dress up these days.

“Fashion is more accessible with TV etc … not so defined by magazines." Kalana says. "We wanted to turn people onto cool clothing at competitive prices. Everything in the store feels like it’s part of the surf culture.”

Kalana’s wife Sarah shops for the second-hand items, and she’s got a very keen eye for great finds.

Almost all of the second-hand clothing and accessories look like brand new, and the prices are incredibly affordable—second-hand purses from $18 to canvas totes by Edison Manufacturing Company made by hand in North Park for $80-90.

Guys can find Zak denim for $112, Life After Denim woven shirts at $72, windbreaker jackets at $140, and Onia board shorts for $130.

Aloha Sunday also sells the all hand-made Oregon sunglasses by Shwood, and according to Kalana “very rad” espadrilles by Industry of All Nations, starting at $35.

Kalana grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii and Wickens in East County. The two bring to the store their cultures—big families with horse farms, lots of land, and a wide-open ocean. “It’s not enough to say that you’re creating a 'heritage brand' without really knowing who you are and where you come from,” Kalana says.

Aloha Sunday embraces the notion of outfitting the guys and girls of the surfer/beach community after they emerge from the sea--fashion for stylish beach bums.

Also new in town is Melt boutique.

In Japanese they call a store filled with little things that simply “make you happy” Zakka--in Yiddish, they call it a Tchotchke shop. Whatever you choose to call it, Melt boutique, located inside a larger boutique called Industry Showroom, has an array of items that may just melt your heart.

Very Japanese in its style, Melt is a mix of clean lines, popular cultural gifts for the home, and great trendy jewelry.

Melt owner, Coco, hand-picks beautiful feathered earrings, cool waffle robes; candles shaped like cupcakes, yoga mats, chocolate spoons, and the Vapur foldable water bottles.

“Surrounding yourself by things you love makes you happy—it’s good for your energy,” says Melt owner Coco.

From local designer lines, to Dogeared jewelry, Melt offers free gift wrapping and a large collection of luxury items at affordable prices.


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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-269-9838
  • Name: Aloha Sunday
  • Address: 3118 University Ave., Suite B