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Queens of the Stone Age Reissue Debut Album

Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age
Courtesy Domino Records

Formed out of the ashes of legendary stoner rock band Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age is positive proof that strange and unique things do grow in the desert. Growing up in Palm Desert, California, singer and guitarist Josh Homme formed Kyuss along with high school friends John Garcia and Brant Bjork, where they would perform in remote locations known as “generator parties” due to the fact that the bands would have to plug into generators out in the middle of the desert.

After Kyuss split up in 1995, Homme would go on tour as a guitarist with Pacific Northwest rockers Screaming Trees, before returning to the California desert where along the help of former Kyuss drummer Alfredo Hernandez, would record what would become the self-titled debut album from Queens of the Stone Age. Released on September 22, 1998 by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard’s, Loosegroove Records, the album has since been long out of print before it’s reissue by Domino Records in conjunction with Homme’s own label, Rekords Rekords.

The album’s remastered sound provides a richer texture for Homme’s cold killer vocals and the band’s signature repetitive guitar riffs that Homme has dubbed, “robot rock.” Originally 11 tracks with a runtime of 46:27, the reissue contains 3 bonus tracks, “The Bronze” and “These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For” (from their 1998 spilt EP with Kyuss) and “Spiders and Vinegaroons” pushing the album to an even 60 minute length. Homme has remained the only permanent member of the band, notoriously firing bassist and former Kyuss band mate Nick Oliveri in 2004. Homme has been the principal songwriter behind QOTSA, and has gone on to form several other successful groups, including The Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, and bassist for Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones.

QOTSA recently announced a handful of U.S. concert dates this summer to celebrate the reissue of their debut, where they may or may not be playing the album in it’s entirety from start to finish. (Domino/Rekords Rekords)