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Country Mice release debut album on Wao Wao Records

Courtesy Wao Wao Records

On their debut LP, Twister, Country Mice open up with a slightly bored indie-rock arpeggio, pinging up and down the scale a few times to reassure you that yes, these Country Mice are harmless.

The fat, reverb laden main riff is reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Dosed’ with a touch of Oasis and, at this time of year, fits perfectly with the warm air and late afternoon sun. While the sun works its way down, “Festival” picks up, with some dirty, buzzing four-chord goodness that continues to follow the setting sun under the horizon. The Skynard-esque riffs and the Liam Gallagher style squawking from front-man Jason Rueger create a sound that is far from unique, but at the same time, not the bland collage you find in other artists of a similar style. It's simple and classic garage rock with a touch of psychedelia. Behind all the classic twang and punchy rock and roll, you find tiny hints of a modern collection making it just a bit more interesting.

Throughout the album you can find subtle, shimmery hints of Minus the Bear and even small vocal similarities to MGMT. Still, with or without these coincidental calls to the present, the appeal of Twister lies in its classic rock charm. With songs like “Morning Son” rollicking in a straight one-two-country-rock-rim-tapping, and “Close Behind” harkening back to Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks,” this album sounds and feels good. From start to finish Twister is a solid debut. It moves like the summer sun setting into dusk, with the lulling warmth carrying over from a hot day and slowly calling out the crickets and frogs. You can find yourself coming back to Twister anytime for a good listen, or simply for something to have playing in the background while you nap. (Wao Wao Records)

Twistercomes out June 7 on Wao Wao Records

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  • Rating: 3 of 5