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The Secret to More Closet Space: a Traveling Wardrobe

Garde Robe has opened its west coast hub in San Diego.
Garde Robe has opened its west coast hub in San Diego.
Courtesy Garde Robe


Brides do it. Famous fashion designers do it. People with beautiful clothing definitely do it, and many regular ole San Diegans have been doing it for years. Insiders know that when you want something cleaned right, repaired, and certainly preserved there’s only one spot in town to go—Margaret’s Cleaners.

Recently, the upscale cleaning geniuses at Margaret’s began a partnership with the very luxurious wardrobe valet and Cyber Closet service for fashionistas, designers and travelers called Garde Robe.

Garde Robe is originally headquartered in New York and representatives say that 50-60 percent of the clothing they handle is irreplaceable, couture, and vintage. Known as the “couture cleaner,” Margaret’s began discussions with the 10-year-old Garde Robe almost three years ago. Six months ago Garde Robe launched its west coast hub. San Diego is close enough to Los Angeles to handle all the high-end clients' clothing, but San Diego is less expensive for their desired $7 million facility.

Basically Garde Robe can do several things. Say you’re a famous designer, like two of their clients Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera, and you have a large collection of clothing stored in your basement, Garde Robe comes to you, takes museum quality photos of your clothing, catalogs them on its website, and then stores everything at its facility. You can then go online, see what you have, insure it, have it shipped to wherever it needs to go, whether it’s a private house or a public museum, and know that it’s preserved and properly cared for at all times.

Many ofGarde Robe'sclients are private collectors who own pieces that can never be duplicated, but they don’t have enough space to store everything. Garde Robe is like a very high-end storage company and valet service.

Some clients don’t want to travel with their clothing. So, they’ll go online to see what clothes they have and what they want to be waiting in the closet when they arrive at their destination. Garde Robe takes care of all of that. If clients stay in a hotel or at one of their many homes, the clothing arrives before they do and is later packed up, cleaned, and returned to storage or to the client's home—all of this can be arranged for travel anywhere in the world.

Originally, Garde Robe was New York’s answer to small apartments and people with lots of clothes. Now, the company has locations in New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and San Diego, and its services are used by fashion insiders, designers, and fashion companies worldwide.