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Keira Knightley spends all night with another man

  • Keira Knightley as Joanna and Sam Worthington as Michael in "Last Night."
  • Keira Knightley as Joanna in "Last Night."
  • Eva Mendes as Laura in "Last Night."
  • Keira Knightley as Joanna and Guillaume Canet as Alex in "Last Night."
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There’s a Sandra Oh/Don McKellar movie from the late ‘90s, also with the same title as Last Night, a pet peeve. Another pet peeve is when you have an actor in a role that doesn’t work.

Sam Worthington, enjoyable in Avatar, is just too withdrawn and stiff in his role as Michael Reed. Early on that works, since Keira Knightley (Joanna Reed) is accusing him of possibly cheating on her with a new co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes). At a dinner party, Knightley notices they whisper and seem to enjoy each others company. I found this the perfect set up for some adult conversations about jealousy and what is acceptable in a marriage. Should you tell your spouse if the new co-worker is gorgeous? The way this discussion turned into a fight was so bizarre.

When Worthington goes on another business trip with Mendes, it's perfect timing that Knightley runs into an old flame from France (Guillaume Canet). We get to see both of them out with others, going back and forth between the two situations. As interesting as this starts out, it results with people having conversations that aren't that interesting. We see Knightley enjoy a dinner with this guy from France and his friends, but why? She's a writer in a funk, and it's not like they're talking about literary things that she doesn't already discuss with her husband. They're talking about the same things you hear anybody talk about around a table.

Griffin Dunne, a director I always enjoy in small parts he shows up, is one of the friends and turns out to be nothing but a gossiper. He's more interested in how these two know each other, if they've had sex. During half of the movie, we're wondering if either of these people will cheat. Perhaps it'll be like Before Sunrise, where they merely discuss things until the next morning.

Slowly through Last Night, we stop caring.

Last Night was written and directed by Massy Tadjedin, who also wrote the very underrated The Jacket, with Adrien Brody; this was her first behind the camera. Beautifully shot, from pigeons in the gutters to a swimming pool at 2 a.m.; some very nice visuals. The party scenes, and edits in the cabs, are both done well. We've all been in a situation at a party that was no big deal, but escalated into a fight in the cab ride home.

When it was all said and done, the only character I really cared about was the dog. And for a movie that had the opportunity to be a real thought-provoking film on jealousy, I left the theatre wishing it had given me more.

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  • Rating: 1.5 of 5