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Stage Time documentary highlights local comedy scene

Stage Time

The process of becoming a professional comedian can take years to accomplish, and without a stage and an audience to practice with, many young up-and-coming comics find themselves in a discouraging situation with no real performance space to turn to.

Here in San Diego, stage time for comics has become significantly abundant, with numerous open mics and comedy clubs sprouting up around the city in recent years. In the documentary film, Stage Time, filmmaker and comedian John Ceccon takes a close look at San Diego’s comedy scene and gives a first hand point of view at what local comedians must go through in terms of developing their humor on a path that will hopefully jumpstart their careers in show business. Through a variety of interviews and performance clips, Ceccon weaved together a brief glimpse into the lives of some of the up-and-coming comics in America’s Finest City.

The film will make it’s debut at the San Diego Film Festival in September 2011, before making it’s way to the east coast for a screening at the New York Film Festival.

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