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Video Series: Meet Animals from San Diego Zoo's Elephant Odyssey

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  • Two animals that live within the odyssey are the capybara and the llama.
  • San Diego Zoo Capybaras
  • San Diego Zoo Capybaras
  • San Diego Zoo Llama
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Opened in May 2009, the Elephant Odyssey is the hottest exhibit at the San Diego Zoo this summer. Filled with the relatives of animals that once used to roam throughout the Southern California area, Elephant Odyssey is a unique and interactive look at the area’s history.

Two animals that live within the odyssey are the capybara and the llama.

Capybaras are now found in South America, but at one point, a larger version of the capybara was found in North America, as well. They’re the world’s largest rodent and can grow up to more than four feet long and can weigh more than 100 pounds. Within the Elephant Odyssey, they live alongside guanacos and tapirs in a habitat full of rocks to climb and water to swim in.

Llamas are also found within the Elephant Odyssey exhibit (meet Big Ed in the video above). Found in South America, llamas have claw-like two-pronged hooves that help them dig into rocks in order to climb; this is useful in their natural habitat in the Andes mountains. These animals represent the large-headed Llama, once found in North America. The large-headed species weighed approximately 600 pounds, and their shoulders reached 6 ½ feet tall—much larger than llamas found in the world today.

View Part 1 of the Elephant Odyssey video series here.


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  • City: San Diego
  • Organization: San Diego Zoo
  • Venue: Balboa Park, San Diego