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Courtesy DFA Records

Yacht’s subject matter has always leaned a little toward the metaphysical; the opening track on 2009’s See The Mystery Lights boldly questioned just where do we go after we die, if anywhere?

But never has the duo of programmer/multi-instrumentalist Jona Becholt and vocalist Claire L. Evans gone so far as to devote an entire album of deliberation on the promised land of myth and religion. And with the end of the world predicated to occur not only a few shorts months ago, could this album be any more appropriate? On Shangri-La Bechtolt has given us another catchy album of catchy electronic tinkering and his own use of live instruments. This being the second album featuring Claire L. Evans, Becholt went with a more stripped down structure on then songs then previously to accentuate her voice.

Evans’ stark delivery steers most songs, leaving Bechtolt to focus on the electro backing that gives their songs a very on-rails effect of danceable rhythm and cheery choruses. On “I Walked Alone” the only track with Bechtolt vocally leading the way, the lyrics can seem like a campy science lesson, yet the lush interweaving of the pairs voices will have you boogieing to the infectious feel. Much more organic than Mystery Lights, the album seems more resourceful rather than just relying on auto-tune and processed vocals.

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  • Rating: 3 of 5