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Piper and Tupper: Still Reeling In The Years

Piper and Tupper
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Born at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, the comedy duo known as Piper and Tupper have been making audiences laugh for the past 20 years with their unique and frenetic brand of in-your-face comedy.

Their act blends together aspects of The Flight of The Conchords, Spinal Tap and Steve Martin, with the pair recalling notions of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The duo has appeared on MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour, Comic Strip Live, America’s Funniest People and their independent film, Piper and Tupper: Hands Free Born To Be Wild is currently being screened at film festivals from coast to coast.

As the duo prepare for the first headlining gig at The La Jolla Comedy Store since the 1990’s, SanDiego.com had a moment to catch up with Piper and Tupper and discussed their origins as performers and what the audience can expect to see if their frenetic and action-packed live show.

Let’s talk about origins, what year did you guys meet?

Tupper: If you want to start with an orgy, we’re into it.

Piper: We’re into orgies man, we’re cool with that.

Great, so where did you meet?

Piper: We were born at Woodstock.

Tupper: True. Actually we’re half-brothers. We have different moms but we have one Dad.

So when did you guys actually meet as performers?

Tupper: We met years later.

Piper: We were separated at birth.

Tupper: We met later and then through talking we realized we had a lot in common.

What year did the two of you start performing as a duo?

Piper: Probably around six months old is when we first started crying put rhythmic sounds, and then that progressed into other behavioral type operatic-voices and or musician-aspects of the acts.

Tupper: Which we just want to make that very clear.

Do you remember the first time you performed at The Comedy Store in Hollywood?

Piper: Yes we do, it was sometime between the year 1995 and 2015.

Would you say that your music is a direct reaction against grunge music?

Piper: We feel that it is part f grunge. Our music is part of all music. We don’t segregate or discriminate, or hey man, we don’t rain on anyone’s parade.

Tupper: We’re not here to put anyone down. You’re here to do your thing.

Piper: We’re here to do our thing.

Tupper: And if per chance or two things were to meet.

Piper: That would be the orgy we were talking about earlier.

There’s a noticeable absence of percussion in your act.

Tupper: I’m taking bongo lessons right now, so we’re going to add that to our free form poetry section.

Piper: Jules will be doing a five-hour bongo solo.

Tupper: Kind of like John Bonham; it’s time to go get the beer.

Why did you guys take a break from performing?

Tupper: I believe that was the time we went into a spiritual retreat.

Piper: That was when we were talking to our spiritual guide.

Tupper: He’s our spiritual guide and hip-hop Hindu, 2-Pac Chopra.

Did you guys find out what your spirit animals were?

Piper: I am the Kangaroo cricket.

Tupper: And I am a sea urchin.

What are your fondest memories of performing at The La Jolla Comedy Store?

Piper: we’ve had a lot of performances there and we’re really enjoying the new crowds now. I remember one time after we performed; everyone took off their clothes and got naked.

Tupper: And threw $100 bills.

Piper: Fond memory.

Is there anything special you planned for your performance on July 14?

Piper: It’s a surprise; we went to surprise people so let’s just say that you’re going to see some things that you’ve never seen before in a comedy club by rockstars.

Tupper: It’s really weird; they keep booking us in these comedy clubs.

Piper: And we’re just gigging, we’re just rocking and rolling.

Are you doing any special preparations for this performance?

Piper: Well we’re drinking a lot of beer right now and eating a lot of carbohydrates; getting the cholesterol levels up.

Tupper: And watching lots and lots of TV. Piper: While eating up bags and bags of potato chips.

Do you have any other big shows coming up?

Piper: We’re doing a muscular dystrophy benefit at The Comedy Store in Hollywood on September 4. We’re hosting a three hour event. All the proceeds will go to muscular dystrophy. We’re doing a big variety show, there’s going to be a red carpet and it’s going to be a big Hollywood affair. We’re going to get all the big names and stars in and there goes going to be comedians, rock bands and singers.

Tupper: Are we going to have the Muppets?

Piper: We may have the Muppets, and some other entertainers. It’s sort of an homage to Jerry Lewis also.

What’s your favorite Jerry Lewis film?

Piper: I think we like the Bellboy, that’s kind of a cool one. Oh, Cinderfella!

Tupper: That’s the one.

Do Piper and Tupper have a message for the children?

Piper: Live, love, laugh and get a really cool bicycle.

Tupper: One with a bell and a basket. Ask for that for Christmas.

Piper: And always wear a helmet.

Piper and Tupper perform at The La Jolla Comedy Store Thursday July 14.

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