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Cheech and Chong Cancel San Diego Concert

Stoner duo abruptly cancel performance at Humphrey's August 4

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Legendary counterculture comedy duo Cheech and Chong have abruptly cancelled their performance at Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay this Friday August 5, due to unknown circumstances. On Friday July 29, a tweet was sent out from the official Cheech and Chong Twitter account stating, “Sorry to tell you be (sic) our appearance in San Diego has once again been cancelled.. I’ll post why as soon as I find out…tc.” The tweet, supposedly written by Tommy Chong (tc) follows a tweet dated from Thursday July 28, 2011 saying, “I finished writing a C&C movie. . . Very funny with a few surprises…tc.”

Fans are left wondering what may have caused the abrupt cancellation, as the only concerts to be cancelled at Humphrey’s this year have been Colbie Caillat on August 9 and 10. Ticket prices for the show on August 5 were listed as $82 for a single ticket and package deals starting at $147 which included dinner, $579 for dinner and a room, $599 including dinner with a junior suite, and the ultimate in luxury stoner comedy tickets $649 included tickets for the show, dinner and a luxury suite. Promoters for the event may have forgotten Cheech and Chong’s core demographic which consists mainly of stoner’s and hippies who may be diehard fans but ultimately can’t shell out $82 for the single ticket price, let alone additional fees for merchandise and concessions.  

When the duo first reunited in 2008 they performed a handful of intimate shows at The Comedy Store in La Jolla (the venue where Mitzi Shore first gave them their big break in the 1970’s) Their subsequent tour sold out venues across North America as Cheech and Chong rejuvenated their careers with updated merchandise, a tour documentary and an animated film currently in post production. With a new Cheech and Chong script having supposedly been completed, fans are left wondering what the next move will be for this classic comedy duo. 

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