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R.E.M. Calls It Quits After 31 Years
R.I.P. to R.E.M. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group announced on its website Wednesday that it has "decided to call it a day as a band."
Daryl Wright is Wildly Inappropriate
Comedy is definitely starting to surge again, and contained in that swell is another hoard of comics who are pulling from their roots and day-to-day bullshit in order to enter
Bryan Callen Comes Alive!
Comedian and actor Bryan Callen is a familiar face to viewers of MADtv and 7th Heaven, while also having memorable scene stealing moments in both Hangover blockbusters.
Herbie Hancock Live in San Diego
If you love jazz, you know who Herbie Hancock is, and you’ve already bought your ticket to his show at the Balboa Theater this Friday night.
LIVE: Bon Iver, Other Lives at Spreckels Theatre
Opening act Other Lives warmed the stage for stalwart headliners Bon Iver, reintroducing what amazing indie rock sounds like to the ears (and eyes) of San Diegans.
Joe DeRosa Talks Comedy & Indie Rock
Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Joe DeRosa had aspirations of being in a successful indie rock band where he could travel the country and escape his dreary reality
MOVIE REVIEW: Brighton Rock
Rowan Joffe’s overstuffed gangster film Brighton Rock is the most frustrating kind of debut: obvious, self-indulgent, and presumptive.
Brimming with equal flashes of style and character, Drive echoes the cold detachment and professionalism of 1980s crime sagas no longer popular or profitable this day and age.
Sneak Peak Inside Karl Strauss Brewery
The brewing company has been providing handcrafted brews to the southern California region since the mid 1980s.
Disease, information, and trauma spread seamlessly in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, evoking a very nightmarish Internet-age disaster scenario that purposefully withholds all