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Playstation Vita Delayed - Sony San Diego Unit Continues Work on Ruin Launch Title

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The Sony Playstation Vita, a portable gaming device that will be the successor to the Playstation Portable, will sadly miss the vital Christmas launch window in America and Europe. Instead, the new console will hit streets sometime in Q1 of 2012, while Japan is set to see the release by the end of 2011. The Vita has a suggested retail price of $249.99 for a Wi-Fi only version, and $299.99 for a dual Wi-Fi/3G model; the 3G network will be exclusive to the cell phone carrier, AT&T.

Gamers intent on getting their hands on the new system will surely be disappointed to hear this news, but Sony’s main (and only) rival, Nintendo, is sure to be pleased.  The competitors system 3DS is currently the only next gen mobile platform (excluding cell phones) in the market, and will enjoy a holiday season without the head-to-head competition. Nintendo needed this help after fairly poor sales of the 3Ds, which is announced to receive a price cut on August 12 to $169.99, down from $249.99. Don’t feel too bad for Nintendo; the independent research group iSuppli performed a tear down of the 3DS and saw that it used $100.71 in materials.

The hardware behind the Sony Vita, shaped in the familiar style of previous handheld Sony devices, is substantial. A quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 core processor (suspected to be around 1.5GHz/core) handles applications, while the SGX543MP4+ GPU at 200MHz will tackle graphics needs. Aesthetically, the Vita has a 5” OLED touch screen, dual thumb sticks and front/back cameras.

The traditional line-up of Sony staple videogames is expected, including Ridge Racer, Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Sony’s SCE San Diego studio, historically behind the Sony NBA and MLB games, have announced work on two Vita titles thus far: ModNation Racers, a kart racing game, and Ruin, a widely anticipated RPG title, also set for release on Playstation 3. In unique fashion, Ruin utilizes a method of pausing via cloud storage, saving your exact location in the game, which can then be brought up on a Playstation 3. Basically, you can freeze your game in Ruin, turn off the Vita, turn on your Playstation 3, and continue in the exact place you were, seamlessly and without a subscription requirement to the PlayStation Plus service.

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