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San Diego Fine Dining: Addison at Grand Del Mar

Five-star and five-diamond

  • Addison at the Grand Del Mar
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Addison. You may have heard the name bandied about in the dining section of magazines and local newspapers. After all, it's one of only four restaurants (and the only one in California) to be designated as five-star by Forbes Travel Guide, five-diamond by AAA and a Grand Award Winner by Wine Spectator. As if that weren’t enough, Addison chef William Bradley was recently named a Grand Chef by Relais & Châteaux. These are top honors in the restaurant industry and such accolades don't come easy. Only venues that consistently provide the most refined and unique food, beverage, service and ambience get the nod from these organizations. To earn one is a big deal. To nab four, simultaneously no less, tells you all you need to know. This is a very special restaurant.

One look at Addison is all it takes to see why they've been put in such an elite class. And there's the rub. Given its price-point, many will never see this beautiful, luxurious space or the pristine, artfully presented dishes that come out of chef William Bradley's magnificent kitchen. Well, that all changes right here and now!

If you've read the legend-like stories of the innovative flavor combinations and top-shelf dishes at Addison and cursed the food writer who penned it, wishing they'd held back on excessive prose to make room for more photos, SanDiego.com has heard both your plea and your stomach grumbling. I spent time chatting with Bradley and his counterpart, renowned wine director Jesse Rodriguez, and, of course, checking out numbers from the current menu, to give San Diego dining enthusiasts an idea of what this palatial bastion of find dining is all about.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but there’s only one word to describe this peek into The Grand Del Mar's remarkable fine spot—yum! 

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  • City: Del Mar
  • Phone: 858-314-1900
  • Venue: The Grand Del Mar
  • Name: Addison
  • Address: 5200 Grand Del Mar Way