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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Updated Details of Valve's Next FPS Video Game

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UPDATE: Included new trailer in gallery above, released by Valve on 2011-08-26 14:57:00 GMT

The Valve Software legacy video game series Counter-Strike is pushing forward with the long-awaited genre (semi)resurrection, titled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), due for release in sometime around Q1 of 2012. Valve's heavily anticipated FPS is being developed in cooperation alongside the programming team of Seattle-based Hidden Path Entertainment , who developed & published the 2008 title Defense Grid: The Awakening & later took the reins of pushing out Counter-Strike: Source updates, starting in 2010.

Multiplayer details have been announced... sort of. Gabe Newell, the managing director of video game development at Valve, told PCGames.de at the GamesCom in Germany that cross-platform gameplay on CS:GO is "...certainly our goal.  We never want to create these islands of players." and that Valve's view is "...players should be able to play as part of a community on whatever device they can." Back in 2010, Newell, the iconic Harvard dropout who spent 13 years at Microsoft before quitting to co-found Valve, made a surprise appearance during Sony's presentation at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles. Newell was on stage to make the first announcement of Portal 2's Steam support and accompanied cross-platform play between console (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3) and desktop (Mac/PC), startling a gaming community that still recalls his previous comments about programming for the PS3 ("a waste of everybody's time".) Historically, online FPS gaming have all had segregated environments across platforms for a variety of reasons, not only just including technological but fairness between user groups.

In an interesting nod towards the professional gaming community, whose support has at points been the life blood of Valve’s legendary FPS, around 20 pro gamers from around the globe were brought in for lunch and an overview on CS:GO, including hands-on gameplay. One of the lucky few invited was Craig “Torbull” Levine, sharing on ESEANews his notes about the pre-beta version of CS:GO that they played, uncovering new equipment like molotov cocktails and decoy grenades.

All other content details are scarce, at least for now. The official site notes that CS:GO will have "new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.)." If you're to believe rumors, the way players utilize ammo appears to be changing, but when asked, Newell told PCGames.DE that he's "...not going to say anything about the infinite ammunition issue."

Something that has been clearly stated repeatably by Valve is that while gamers haven’t seen a major Counter-Strike title release since the first incarnation in the late 1990’s, CS:GO is not Counter-Strike 2, or a sequel to any of the other series (Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero). Rather, it's a new approach to the CS gaming that's now over a decade old, but relies heavily on the FPS gaming made famous by its predecessors.

If you're in the Seattle area between August 26-28, visit the Valve booth at PAX to test-drive CS:GO on a Xbox 360 demo. Alternatively, the same demo will be available for public fondling at the Eurogamer Expo in London during the Sept 22-25 event. At both conferences, a limited amount of beta keys will be given out, with additional keys to be released later. The public beta for CS:GO will initially be released on the PC environment only; an ‘extended’ beta will be available, release date also unknown, on both PC & Mac. You can follow the official CS:GO development Twitter feed at @csgo_dev or visit the Steam page. Valve's other upcoming development project, the RTS title Dota 2, is the official sequel to the standalone Warcraft 3 map Defense of the Ancients and is also due for release in 2012, on Mac & PC platforms (no consoles are scheduled).