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LIVE REVIEW: Adele at SDSU's Open Air Theatre

Chart topping R&B singer performs for a sold out crowd

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“I like sitting down, it’s like we’re chilling in my front room or something,” singer Adele told the sold out crowd at SDSU’s Open Air Theater on August 18. That’s indicative of how the rest of her concert went—a few thousand friends sitting in the front room talking and sharing stories.  Throughout the course of the night, the singer shared a glimpse of her life, telling the crowd where she was, how she felt and the reasons behind every lyric of her songs.  If there were ever any questions of whether Adele actually wrote the music on her latest album 21, they were quickly refuted by her stories of love lost.

Adele opened the concert with “Hometown Glory” and followed with “I’ll Be Waiting,” after which she said, “That was a rare happy song.  Those of you that have my album know how unusual that is.  Now I’m going straight into the sad ones for you.” And just like that she broke the hearts of the audience with her song “Don’t You Remember” after which, she told fans that she had just gotten back into contact with the boy 21 is about.  She explained that her next song, “Turning Tables,” was the first one written for the album and came out of a fight she had with this boy in a restaurant.  A fight that happened before she was famous, Adele said, and therefore did not make any tabloid headlines.

She sang “My Same” and told the audience that the song was written for her best friend.  But after they had a falling out, Adele said, “There was a gaping hole in my life without her but I refused to sing the song because I didn’t want her to know I still loved her.” From a falling out with one friend, to being questioned by others, Adele’s next song, “Rumour Has It” was again, inspired by her friends.  She explained that after returning home after the success of her first album, her friends began questioning her on who she was dating and what she was doing.  “Rumour Has It” is her cheeky response to the reaction of her friends to her success.  With Adele performing the song live, it was evident that the song was indeed cheeky (and not bitter as some people may misconstrue it) she ended the last lyrics, “but rumor has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for,” with her two middle fingers up and a wink to the crowd.

Towards the end of the concert though, Adele got serious and took the time to remember a special friend—Amy Winehouse.  Before going on to “Make You Feel My Love,” Adele requested that everyone take out their phones and hold them to the sky so that “she can see us from up above.” Adele’s songs are personal and they hit a chord with fans because of how true they are.  Her show was simply a journey through the album, a story about the songs and about the character behind each chord. 

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