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Seven Sashimi Days: A Guide to San Diego's Best Sushi Spots

Azuki Sushi

Azuki Sushi

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  • Azuki Sushi
  • Azuki - kobe roll
  • Sushi Deli 1
  • Sushi Deli - azusa roll
  • Hane Sushi
  • Hane - assorted sashimi
  • Ono Sushi
  • Ono - chef's special
  • Harney Sushi
  • Harney - lightning roll
  • Nobu
  • Nobu - yellowtail sashimi
  • Taka Sushi
  • Taka - amaebi
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There are easily 100+ different locations for sushi in the San Diego region, from Del Mar to Santee; if you're new to the area or just visiting, you'll never get through a neighborhood's worth of seafood, let alone the city. We've picked some of the best places in town to visit, and put them into a seven day sushi marathon. Kampai!

Monday: Azuki Sushi
A small, relatively hidden spot just north of downtown in Bankers Hill, Azuki is hard to spot on the one way 5th Ave, save for the giant front door that's filled with red azuki beans. Executive Chef Hisashi "Nao" Ichimura satisfied many under his previous role as chef of Taka in Gaslamp. Feel comfortable in allowing Nao and the rest of the chefs to surprise you with the best in nigiri (biggest servings of blue fin otoro in town) and custom spicy hand rolls. With two tables out front and a back patio, we suggest squeezing into the 10 chair sushi bar for maximum attention and shortest delivery time. 2321 5th Ave, San Diego CA 92101. (619) 238-4760

Tuesday: Sushi Deli 1
There are three Sushi Deli's in San Diego; this Hillcrest location is the original. Some sushi buffs would scoff at their inclusion into a sushi guide, but Sushi Deli is one of those places that should make your list to visit while in San Diego. It's an institution, and for what they lack in appearances, they make up in cheap fish, friendly employee personality, and sake and beer deals (ex: $.99 Bud Light!). They also boast of a large vegetarian selection, which can be a surprisingly good alternative to what you came for. Sushi Deli is good for a quick and wallet-friendly fix, but plan on waiting a few minutes (or more) in line outside for a table. 228 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103. (619) 231-9597

Wednesday: Hane Sushi
Frequently drawing comparisons to its nearby neighbor Azuki, Hane offers an upscale alternative and one of the best overall dining experiences in Bankers Hill. It's a full alcohol establishment, and while there are plenty of tables, the sushi bar serves 16 and the adjacent bar serves another 10. The quality of sushi here is very impressive; stick to the nigiri, but don't be afraid to try one of the signature rolls or an item from the special chalkboard, located behind the sushi bar. Portions arent going to satisfy everyone, especially for the price, but if you're looking for great sushi, Hane is a must-visit. 2760 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92103. (619) 260-1411