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2011 San Diego Music Thing Invades North Park

Over 150 bands set to perform at 14 venues around San Diego

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September 9 and 10 marks the 4th annual San Diego Music Thing, a gathering of music industry professionals and performers in America’s Finest City. For two days, The Lafayette Hotel in North Park, San Diego will host the main activities where registrants will have access to panels and discussions by those who have found success in the increasingly competitive music business. A trade show, happy hour parties, listening stations, various speakers, live performances, as well as an opportunity to interact with industry professionals and artists will highlight the event. 14 venues around San Diego will be participating in this years Music Thing featuring over 150 local, regional and national artists.

These kinds of gatherings are invaluable to working musicians as the rules have changed drastically over the last decade. Technology has completely changed the landscape of most every aspect of the music business. Conferences like this help connect artists and professionals to strengthen the industry as a whole and provide information that might not be accessible to up and coming or younger, less established artists. There are many workshops, speakers, discussions, panels and performances. Here are a few of note to give you an impression of what is offered at the San Diego Music Thing.

Music DIY – Is it realistic?
Addressing the reality of fewer record labels, a panel will discuss avenues an artist can secure to ensure they are paid for their work. Panelists include:
Steve Poltz (The Rugburns)
Jay Warsinske (founder of indiepower.com)
David Dufresne (CEO of bandzoogle.com)
Lou Plaia (Co-founder of Reverb Nation)
Jim Mulhearn (RootMusic)
Time To Hit The Road: How touring can drive your career
Hitting the road is essential in any artist’s career. This discussion focuses on how to find the right shows in the right venues and deal with effective marketing and promotion. Panelists include:
Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour)
David Kennedy (Angels and Airwaves)
Murry Hammond (The Old '97s)
Do bands in 2011 really need a full time manager?
Just like the rest of the industry, the role of 'manager' has been redefined by the advent of new media and technology. Bands now have the ability to fill many of the responsibilities of traditional labels and management. Panelists will discuss when to bring on management and how to make them most effective.

Mark Gorlick (The Collective)
Bruce Flohr (Red Light Management)
Matt Philips (Silverback Management)
Pete Galli (The MGMT Company)
Welcome to the music business... you're fucked!
Martin Atkins (drummer for PiL, Ministry, Pigface and Killing Joke) recently wrote a book called Tour:Smart (with contributions from Henry Rollins, Cynthia Plastercaster, The Enigma, the Suicide Girls, Zim Zum and Kevin Lyman). Not a lot of information on this one, but guessing by the title and considering the main speaker, this will be enlightening.
Licensing your music: Can a band make money from TV, movies, and video games?
It's no secret that album sales have taken a massive hit. Artists are forced to explore other revenue streams to maximize earnings. This group will help artists navigate the processes of licensing and finding exposure with the right musical coordinators.

Chris Douridas (KCRW-FM, film/tv music supervisor)
Daryl Berg (Reveille LLC)
Danny Exum (mOcean / High Bias)
Shawntè Salabert (Sugarroo)
Jeff Gray (Pesci) (Fox Sports)

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