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Top 5 Videos of Fans Interrupting Charger Games

  • Fan tackled during 49ers game - 9/1/2011
  • Fan slide tackles cop during Redskins game - 1/3/2010
  • Random fan tackles in field during Broncos game - 11/22/2010
  • Fan tackled, runs into bench during 49ers game - 12/16/2010
  • Last play of game, fan on field tackles during Ravens game - 12/2/2007
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[VIDEO GALLERY ABOVE: All clips recorded by spectators during live Charger games at Qualcomm Stadium]

We've all see it, no matter the city, stadium or game. Someone from the stands, likely after drinking a few too many beers, decides to hop over from the stands into the field during the game. They dart haphazardly across the field, perhaps minus articles of clothing, until tackled by uniformed stadium security and dragged out of the game, and our memories.
Typically, this moment is only witnessed by live audiences at that game, and perhaps later via handheld recording. TV viewers miss out; network and sports stations will ignore this sort of behavior and not record it, less they encourage more by giving free attention and bragging rights.
I'm sure at one point or another, everyone has considered it, or at least wondered, what exactly happens after you're removed from the game. Surprisingly, it varies from state to state. In some cities, you're looking at a minimum night stay in the county jail with a misdemeanor on your record. Almost universally, expect to pay some sort of fine. Things get worse if you plan on nude streaking, or provoke/attack a security guard, umpire, player and/or police officer. Multiple fans have been permanently banned from a stadium.
In San Diego, at the very minimum you'll receive a ticket and pay a fine to the SDPD, but it's all worth it. Right?