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Top 10 San Diego Music Videos

  • Iron Butterfly
  • Tom Waits
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Over the years San Diego has been a hotbed of creativity for musicians - we asked our writer Matt Carter to assemble a list of the the top 10 music videos of bands from San Diego. 

Iron Butterfly  “In A Gadda Da Vida” 
Iron Butterfly lead the way for psychedelic rock in San Diego in the late 60s, and give couples a late night excuse to discover each other while listening to bands long-winded solos. This 1968 live video of the bands 17 minute stretch and most popular tune to date “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” shows the band live in their heyday amidst hazy visual effects and kaleidoscope color. While still to this day playing in new incarnations, the band holds the record for the 31st best-selling album in the world for “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.”

Tom Waits "God's Away On Business"
Recent Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tom Waits rarely gives his idiosyncratic ditties the proper music video treatment. But when he does like on this video from the 2002 album “Blood Money”, the result is no less theatrical than any of Waits’ bazaar characters he has played in feature films. Eclectic, dark, and with a voice of gravel, Waits is by far one of most talented solo figures to ever call San Diego home.

Ratt  “Round And Round” 
Ratt’s origins started in San Diego and they later went on to have a string of hits throughout the eighties. 1984’s “Round And Round” remains their most popular hit and the video an easily recognizable piece of hair metal memorabilia.  Here we see a guest appearance of cross-dressing actor Milton Berle at a dinner party that is interrupted by the bands playing in the attic. “Round And Round” is a great example of the rebellious attitude and sense of androgyny present in the videos of the day.

Blink-182 "Up All Night" 
After an extended hiatus, several side-projects, and one near death experience, Blink-182 still exert supremacy over the So Cal pop-punk scene. Their subject matter has undergone quite a transformation since the days of high school mischief-making to now dealing with repressed childhood angst. On “Up All Night” the band employs a heavier rock sound to contrast a disheveled neighborhood devoid of adult supervision. While the band’s instrumentation have showed signs of maturity, the members of the band still retain a sense of adolescence fans are sure to be thankful for.

Buck-O-Nine "My Town"
In the catchiness of 3rd wave ska stylings the members of Buck-O-Nine invited listeners to discover their home town of San Diego with “My Town.”  Here we see a day in the life of the band as they travel from La Jolla suburbs to Downtown, Balboa Park to the beach. While the ska scene sure has changed a lot since 1997, the fun of skateboarding and surfing in the sunshine that inspired the band is still captured in the video to this day.


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