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Daryl Wright is Wildly Inappropriate

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Comedy is definitely starting to surge again, and contained in that swell is another hoard of comics who are pulling from their roots and day-to-day bullshit in order to entertain the next room of people the best they can.  With Daryl Wright comes an unfiltered and un-P.C. dive into the ocean of comedy that has rolled in back on to shores.  

Wright's new album, Wildly Inappropriate was recently released on George Carlin's label, Eardrum Records, and is an appropriate fit for the label.  The sincerity and relaxed, down-to-earth personality serves the comic well as he certainly connects with a more traditional generation of stand-up.  Wright is a Black comic and that's exactly the role which he fills, punching up most of his material with race humor during his 32 minute set.  

A laid back delivery and a tumble of jokes pushed through a Pryor-esque perspective, Wright feels like a transplant of the 1970's era of comics, exchanging the civil unrest of the last century with the moderate and skewed landscape of the new millennium. He is a bridge, if you will, between the old generation of Black comics who were working in a much more segregated society, and the newer generation who are living in (as he puts) less of a racist, and more of a classist time. 

And just as a good comic should, Daryl Wright is absolutely able to connect with his audience and tickle their funny-bone with a classic comedic style.  Easily likeable and relaxed, his set is smooth and flowing while still stuffing in as many playful n-words and "motha-fuckas" as you can (without challenging Chris Rock's threshold of course). If you are a fan of good stand-up that skirts on the edge of being "edgy," and if you are looking for a good way to decompress from the week and laugh out some stress, Daryl Wright is the perfect comedian to relieve that tension. 

Daryl Wright performs at The Sunshine Brooks Theatre on Friday, September 23.
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