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San Diego Singles Guide, from Museums to Yoga

Tailgate Parties

Tailgate Parties

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Oh the woes of being single. Post-college the opportunities to meet a special someone begin to diminish extensively. With no classes to attend or clubs to join, social interaction has been reduced to co-workers and club-goers.

Most singles out there will agree that dating a co-worker is less than ideal; it can be unprofessional and uncomfortable if it doesn’t work out. Dating someone you met at a nightclub can be even less than ideal; trying to make conversation while go-go dancers blind you with body glitter and uhnz-uhnz music blares in your ear, rarely works out well. 

There is, however, hope! With just a little out-of-the-box thinking, the opportunities to make a genuine connection are possible. So if you’re tired of meeting people at the usual bar and nightclub scene, check out the plethora of other options San Diego offers to all the single guys and gals out there. 

Places to meet Men:

VAVi Sports League
Over 25,000 males participate in VAVi each year. From co-ed basketball leagues to social running clubs, the meeting opportunities are endless! VAVi’s New Business Development Director, Keith Cunningham says, “VAVi has been known to be the best place in San Diego to meet new people…I know of at least seven marriages that have met through VAVi but know there are many more.”
1940 Garnet Ave. Ste. 110 San Diego, CA 92109 (858) 273-3485 

Beer Festivals
At this year’s kick-off celebration of San Diego Beer Week, approximately 65-75% of the crowd was male. This is just one of the many beer-related festivities that can be enjoyed throughout the year in San Diego.  In April, visit the CityBeat Festival of Beers in North Park, in May check out Beach to Brewery, Karl Strauss’ annual festival to support the Surfrider Foundation and in September, go downtown for the San Diego Festival of Beers where over 2,000 beer lovers have been known to take to the streets to sample beer and enjoy live music.

UFC Fight Night at The Fleetwood
It’s no secret guys like a good fight; and according to Justin Lopez, Regional Manager of the Fleetwood in downtown, it is “THE place to watch all the UFC events downtown, not just for fans but for actual professional mixed martial arts fighters and jiu jitsu fighters”. With sixteen 56 inch HD TV’s, two 10 foot HD projector screens, the Fleetwood usually hits capacity at each UFC event. Kim Primerano, matchmaker and owner of LoveHappensHere.com warns, “Only talk during commercials or low points, you don’t want to be that girl.” 639 J St. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 702-7700 

Tailgate Parties
What’s not to love at a tailgate party? Good food, good booze and good friends always equal a good time. Whether you’re at Qualcomm or PETCO, tailgate crowds are usually friendly, approachable and filled with plenty of sports-loving men excited to cheer on their team. If you’re looking for a group to tag along with, check out sdchargerstailgating.com or like them on Facebook to get up-to-date info on how to join in on the fun.

East Village Tavern & Bowl
Bowling is good times. Bowling and beer is even better times. One game of bowling at this bowling alley/sports bar could set you back a good $50, but the company you keep may be worth it, ladies. With plenty of special events like Cosmic Blast on Tuesdays where bowling is just $4 and Talilgate Saturdays where college football specials are all day, the opportunities to meet guys in a fun and pressure-free environment is abundant. 930 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 677-2695 

Morton’s The Steakhouse Happy Hour
Men in suits, what’s not to love? From Sunday-Friday until 6:30pm and then again from  9:00pm until closing specially priced bar bites and beverages can be enjoyed as well as a bevy of well dressed men just getting off of work. Located in the East Village of downtown, it’s situated just inside The Harbor Club and is a great place to watch a game, enjoy a martini and mingle in an environment that’s a lot calmer than your average happy hour experience. 285 J St. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 696-3369

Golf Driving Ranges
Chris Turntine, a single San Diegan says he golf’s “at least once a month and usually with a few buddies.” Not just your grandpa’s game anymore, golf is played by men and women of all ages and backgrounds. From businessmen trying to make a deal, to single guys doing some male-bonding, the driving range has become another great place to mix and mingle with available men. The River Walk Golf Club in Fashion Valley, Sorrento Canyon Golf Center in Sorrento Valley and the world-famous Torrey Pines Golf Course are just a few of the ranges in San Diego where you can go to meet someone new and improve your swing! 

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