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San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Yun Zi Has a Snow Day

The two-year-old gets into the spirit with a romp in winter weather

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  • VIDEO San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Yun Zi
  • San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Yun Zi
  • San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Yun Zi
  • San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Bai Yun
  • San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Yun Zi
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This morning, giant pandas Bai Yun and her two-year-old son, the local star Yun Zi, received a layer of snow courtesy of the San Diego Zoo. For Yun Zi, this was his first time seeing snow and as you can tell from the video, he was definitely intrigued. Zoo horticulture staff constructed a Christmas tree from two types of bamboo (oldhamii and vivax) and added snacks as ornaments, utilizing an ice block as the tree stand.

This snow day comes just before the Zoo's 3rd annual Jungle Bells celebration, which begins on Saturday and runs through January 1. Learn more 

Watch the video we took of Yun Zi's second birthday on Friday August 5, 2011, where the Zoo presented him with a specially-made ice cake (panda’s love ice.) Here's his hilarious birthday video

After years of prolonged negotiations and mountains of paperwork, the San Diego Zoo and China came to an agreement for a twelve year research loan for the giant pandas in hopes of successfully breeding the pandas and reproducing their offspring. Since the addition of the giant pandas, their exhibit has undergone extensive renovations to provide them with a suitable habitat and has been renamed the Giant Panda Research Station. The San Diego Zoo is one of only four zoos in the United States which house and displays giant pandas and is the most successful program with regards to panda reproduction. Five panda cubs were successfully bred at the Zoo, and all but Yun Zi have been transported back to China to take part in the breeding program. In recent decades, the giant panda has become an endangered species due to habitat loss and an extremely low birthrate.

The Zoo has an online panda cam in the Giant Panda Research Center.