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Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2011

Featuring Louis CK, Doug Benson & Patton Oswalt

Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac

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  • Wyatt Cenac
  • Amy Schumer
  • The Sklar Bros
  • Doug Stanhope
  • Patrice O'Neal
  • Doug Benson
  • Marc Maron
  • Daniel Tosh
  • Louis C.K.
  • Patton Oswalt
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If you consider stand-up comedy to be art, then you’re probably well aware of the fact that the creative process relies solely on objective influence. This, as it turns out, is a terrible oxymoron. Judging comic production is a process that’s much more similar to picking your favorite stench-filled shirt out of the hamper than actually scoring punch lines or counting laughs per minute. You can call it objective, but when you get to the core of it – you’ll realize that it’s all really subjective delusion. Comedians are finicky volcanoes of self-expression, frothing with candor and spewing forth opinions like an avalanche of foul-mouthed lava.

Whether you’re looking for a last minute stocking stuffer, or simply interested in a bountiful hour of laughs and merriment, all of these options will prove better than sitting through a caroling session at your local YMCA, here are SanDiego.com’s top 10 stand-up comedy albums of 2011.

10. Wyatt Cenac - Comedy Person
As the black correspondent on The Daily Show, Cenac tends to stay in character along with the rest of his Comedy Central cast, providing biting tongue-in-cheek sarcasm with news anchor prowess. However, the young comedian’s first album finds him poised and refreshingly calm about being young and famous. There is no strict political dialogue and no force fed interview questions that lead you on. Instead, Cenac talks about going back to your high school reunion after becoming “relatively successful,” and still feeling like the same odd man out as you did in your freshman year. He’s honest, likeable, and rather funny.  

You all hate TV, I get it. But you know where else you can find terrible stuff? In books!

9. Amy Schumer – Cutting
One of the running gags on the Roast of Charlie Sheen was that no one knew who Amy Schumer was. While you still might not recognize her on the street, her performance on her first album is nothing short of memorable. From her preference for circumcision to dating married men, Schumer proclaims loud and clear that, “Some of these are jokes.” It’s refreshing to hear a comedian with such an upbeat taste for the inappropriate, especially when the joke writing is practically flawless.

My friends are obsessed with "The Deadliest Catch” but I’ve never watched it because I always assumed it was about AIDs… It’s about crabs.

8. The  Sklar BrothersHendersons and Daughters
The Sklar Brothers talk over each other with such precision that it almost seems like they’re the same person. What’s great about that is that generally, with comedy duos, the chemistry between two comics is what helps even two completely opposite characters stay in sync.  Hendersons and Daughters, is like listening to your right and left brain argue for the same side. During a bit with a long setup, the two both begin promising that a joke would be forthcoming, as if they were a committee, rather than two separate people trying to convince each other of hilarity. The connection is almost musical, with such a consistent beat of jokes and tags that the crowd hardly has a chance to catch its breath the entire show. 

Kim Kardashian came out with a perfume last year. I did not know that, because I stopped keeping up with her.