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San Diego Comics Host Benefit For Fallen Friend

RIP Angelo Bowers

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On January 3, 2012 Los Angeles based comedians Angelo Bowers and Josh Adam Meyers were driving in a 1995 Jeep Wrangler when they were struck by a 21-year-old drunk driver fleeing the scene of a previous accident just moments before. Meyers suffered serious injuries and was released from the hospital, Bowers tragically died several hours after the accident, leaving a void in the Los Angeles comedy scene and in the broken hearts of his many friends and family. 

Born and raised in Modesto, California Bowers attended Our Lady of Fatima and Central Catholic High School where he earned his high school diploma in 2003. After high school Bowers matriculated to Modesto Junior College for a couple of years. He went on to attend California State University for a brief time, but quickly dropped out to pursue his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. 
Known for his prolific couch surfing abilities, Bowers would often stay at friends and fellow comics’ apartment around Los Angeles. Early in 2011 Bowers discovered a tumor in his chest and returned to Modesto to undergo treatment and be with his family. In October 2011, Bowers had the tumor removed and was given a clean bill of health. He returned to Los Angeles in December 2011 and began performing again alongside his good friends Matty Goldberg and Josh Adam Meyers
Goldberg contributed an account of Bowers’ final days to the comedy website Laughspin. Click here to read Goldberg’s article and eulogy
An outpouring of emotion has erupted from the community of Los Angeles comedians, as tributes came flowing in from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Bowers was an extremely gifted and humble comic who never gave in to the self-promotion of modern day social media. Unlike many comedians trying to promote themselves amongst a sea of competition, Bowers refused to have a MySpace, Twitter or Facebook page. If you wanted to see Angelo Bowers or hear some of his jokes, you had to experience him live onstage – as it should be. 
Bowers was a celebrated comedian and can best be described as a comic’s comic; when he performed, all the comedians would crowd the back of the room to watch him work. 
A Twitter account and Facebook page has since been created to celebrate his jokes and has become a place for his friends and fellow comedians to pay their respects and remember a life that was taken from this world far too soon. 
Bowers performed around San Diego numerous times over the years, telling his unique jokes at clubs like The La Jolla Comedy Store, Winston’s in Ocean Beach and The Til-Two Club in City Heights.
On Sunday, January 22 The La Jolla Comedy Store will host a benefit to assist with Bower’s funeral expenses and Meyers' medical bills, featuring comedians Sam Tripoli, Rick Ingraham, Steve Simeone along with The Comedy Store’s “Best of San Diego.” Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. Patrons are encouraged to stop by Don Carlos Taco Shop in La Jolla (737 Pearl St.) where the restaurant will be donating 100% of all tips and 20% of the days sales to Bowers' family and Meyers' medical fund. 
Editor’s Note: Angelo Bowers was a personal friend of mine. We were introduced by our mutual friend and fellow stand-up Jon Shefsky. In the years I knew Angelo, every time we would see each other he would greet me with a firm bear hug, something he was notoriously known for. Every time he came to San Diego to perform, he always had new jokes in his set; and they were always good. They were always unique and different. His material was gold. It was a tradition of ours to eat Mexican food after a show, (namely California or Carne Asada burritos) where we would discuss our sets and talk about whatever came into our minds. When I received news of Bowers' death, it felt as if a phantom had punched me square in the chest. He was a dear soul, brilliant comic, and one of the most decent people I will ever have the pleasure of calling a true friend.
Rest In Peace Angelo Bowers (1986 - 2012)