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San Diego Guide to Late-Night Dining

After hours spots for folks who've got the "munchies"

Tajima Noodle House

Tajima Noodle House

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  • Tajima Noodle House
  • Brians’ American Eatery
  • Rudford's
  • South Beach Bar & Grille
  • Lucha Libre Taco Shop
  • Jimmy Wong’s Golden Dragon Asian Bistro
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We've all been there. It’s 2 a.m., you’ve just gotten out of a bar or nightclub and are dying for some salty, hearty, deliciousness. But where to go? While many believe it’s difficult or even impossible to find good late-night food in San Diego, SanDiego.com is here to prove those naysayers wrong. From Asian cuisine to all-American food and of course Mexican, the after hours food scene has definitely come up in this fine city of ours.

So whether you’re in downtown, Hillcrest or even Kearney Mesa, check out our list of the best places to go when those late night munchies hit. 
Spicy, quality Asian food at reasonable prices, that’s Jimmy Wong’s in Hillcrest. Plates of Thai food like panang curry, Chinese inspired fried rice and even a Thai chicken quesadilla with mango salsa can be found at this quaint bistro. Take a look at their late night specials Monday through Wednesday from 11p.m. to 3 m., which feature select appetizers for $3.95 each, and a Chef’s Special entrée menu that starts at just $5.95.
414 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 296-4119. Open Until: 3 a.m. Every Day.
Bolillo TortasDowntown
Opened in late 2011, Bolillo is the newest kid on the late-night food block. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp, Bolillio specializes in Latin-inspired tortas (AKA flavorful, plentiful sandwiches) like the Torta Cubana, the Torta Ahogada and many others. Most plates are served with a side of corn on the cob smothered in grated white cheese and spicy tajin. The tortas are filling and made with care and with the most expensive torta going for $9.75, a pretty good deal. The décor is modern and sleek, the service is friendly and if you live or work nearby, you can have your tortas delivered to you from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. 417 4th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 255-6268. Open Until: 3 a.m. Fri-Sat.
Lucha Libre Taco ShopMission Hills 
It’s been featured on Man vs. Food, it’s fun and colorful, but best of all its delicious! A line forms outside the door regularly and if you happen to be partying next door at Bar Dynamite, it’s perfectly convenient. Try the popular surf n’ turf burrito made with grilled steak, shrimp, avocado slices, pico de gallo, rice and their secret chipotle sauce. For a simple but rich munchie, try the TJ corn; served in a cup, it’s dressed with queso enchilado, mayo, chile and lime. 1810 W. Washington St. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 296-8226 Open Until: 2:30 a.m. Fri-Sat.
Boy is this place jumpin’. Whether its weekend breakfast time, or late-night dining time, Brians’ American Eatery in Hillcrest never seems to have a slow day. With a menu that’s about a mile long, each patron can find just about anything they crave. Over 14 different omelets can be found here as well as over 13 different burgers including the Aloha Burger, made with a teriyaki burger, cream cheese and grilled pineapple. Whatever time you do show up to this diner-style restaurant; be prepared to wait for a bit while their friendly staff tries their best to get you a table. 
1451 Washington St. San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 296-8268  Open: 24 Hours 
This is a 2 for 1 review, because not only does URBN in North Park serve up delicious New Haven-style pizza until 2 a.m., so does their sister location, Basic in downtown. While sipping on one of URBN’s craft cocktails, you can also pick up a small margherita pie for $15 or a large for $28, or maybe you’d like to try something a bit different, like their mashed potato pie; get a small for $17 or a large for $24. Make sure to place your order before 1:30am so you can have your pie in hand before you head home. 3085 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 255-7300 Open Until: 2 a.m. Thu-Sat.

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