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When describing one of her restaurant’s appetizers, Sanam Goviar quipped, “It’s not Persian, but it’s not ‘not-Persian,’ either.”
The Balboa Park experience of museums, science and technology exhibits and theater is a perfect setting for good food and wine.
If you missed the 102.1 KPRI Concert Cruise on Tuesday Night August 23, 2005 you missed what I will now forever call the "Bigger than LEGENDARY DeSol Experience"....
Three Hillcrest favorites.
Located on India Street, El Indio Mexican Restaurant began as a small tortilla shop in 1940, and has since moved locations and expanded to become a local favorite.
Robert Plant returns to San Diego on July 21st as part of the Bayside Concert Series by Viejas.
Dan Akroyd is an interesting fella. A good guy. The creator of the Bass-o-Matic… (Yes, you too can get the full flavor of a fresh bass direct from a glass with...
White Dude with penchant for being cool seeking new audience.Contact Beck Hansen.
You know yourself better than anyone else knows you. That's a simple expression of a complex thought. We can go into the meaning of self, the actualization of...
The deep blue skies and sunshine were in contrast to the gusty cold wind that blew across the manicured grounds at Glen Abbey Mortuary.