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Marston House

Marston House

Marston House
3525 7th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Winter Hours: 10am - 4pm, Regular Hours: 10am - 5pm

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Top 5 Things to Know About Marston House

  1. History: Internationally regarded architects Irving Gill and William Sterling Hebbard constructed the craftsman prairie style mansion for the Marston family in 1905. The Marston House exhibits the Arts and Crafts movement popular in California during that era.
  2. Marston Family: The Marston family was prominent in the San Diego community as they were deeply involved in civic duties and social movements. George White Marston, the head of the house, was a conservationist and environmentalist famous for helping develop Balboa Park.
  3. Tours: The San Diego Marston House offers tours specifically designed for school field-trips and others for adults and senior citizens. These guided tours are offered every half hour and are 40-minute journeys around the 8,500 square-foot property and the five-acres of gardens and trails.
  4. Hours of Operation: The Marston House in San Diego has a winter and spring schedule, as it is open Thursday through Monday during the summer months and Friday through Monday during the winter. The Marston House Museum opens at 10am and closes 5pm with its last tour of day offered at 4:30pm.  
  5. Save Our Heritage Organisation: The Save Our Heritage Organization is responsible for taking over and preserving the Marston House Museum. The organization serves the community as it promotes and celebrates the cultural, architectural and historic elements and landmarks of the region.

The Marston House Museum is located north of Balboa Park in San Diego. It was home to George White Marston and Anna Gunn Marston, who were civic leaders in the San Diego community during the early 1900's. George White Marston was a successful merchant in the region, but also a philanthropist and conservationist who helped designate land for the early beginnings of Balboa Park. In 1905, the Marston family commissioned famous San Diego architects, William Sterling Hebbard and Irving Gill, to construct the Arts and Crafts style mansion on the five-acre estate. The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom San Diego Marston House reveals designs of the Arts and Crafts movement, which was popular during the early 20th century in California.

In 1987 the Marston family gifted the house over to the community to serve the public, and now the Marston House Museum is open for guided tours and viewings of the interior of the house and the gardens and canyon pathways outside. Inside the museum, visitors can admire the redwood furniture constructed by Irving Gill, San Diego's modernist architect. This bed and dining set furniture are actually on loan from the 1907 Wheeler House J. Bailey House in La Jolla, however they are still relevant and important because they further present Gill's workmanship. 

  • Do Visit the Museum Shop: The museum shop is located in the 1905 carriage house on the Marston House property. Inside the carriage house, there is an original horse stall, along with educational books and historical gifts for purchase.
  • Don't Touch: It is important to remember while visiting the San Diego Marston House to look with your eyes and not your hands in order to respect and help preserve the historic items. 

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