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PETCO Park - Home of the Padres

PETCO Park - Home of the Padres

100 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101

PETCO Park - Home of the Padres Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About PETCO Park

  1. Baseball Games: Go see a Padres game at PETCO Park and enjoy the San Diego baseball experience. When you're in the mood to watch sports, head to PETCO Park in San Diego for a fun afternoon or evening. Locals and visitors enjoy being able to see the San Diego Padres play at this great downtown stadium.
  2. Family Friendly: Bring the kids with you to see a baseball game. PETCO Park welcomes the whole family to enjoy a day at the stadium. Your kids will have just as much fun as you and your sweetie. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and even Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy a trip to San Diego PETCO Park. Being able to hang out together and watch a game can be a great experience.
  3. Food & Drinks: San Diego PETCO Park invites you to watch sports while snacking on great food and drinks here. Your stomach might start rumbling for footlong bacon wrapped hot dogs and beer - and you can get those delicious treats at PETCO Park in San Diego. Treat yourself to nachos that consist of chips, cheese, chicken, beef, sour cream, olives and jalapenos. One thing's for certain when you're at San Diego PETCO Park. You'll have your pick of meaty and cheesy snacks.
  4. Parking: You can either walk from other parking lots in the surrounding area or park for $15 at PETCO Park. Parking lots that are within half a mile can cost you around $10 - so if you don't mind walking, you can save a bit of cash and enjoy the fresh air on your way to PETCO Park.
  5. Outside Snacks OK: If you want to bring your own food, PETCO Park allows you to do so. Whether you stopped by a great Mexican eatery for carne asada fries or a sandwich shop for a philly cheese steak or premium hot dog, PETCO Park San Diego lets you take your food into the stadium. PETCO Park in San Diego gives you flexiblity so that you can eat the food that you like best.

Why It's Awesome: PETCO Park San Diego is one of the most popular attractions in San Diego. When you're visiting San Diego, it can be fun to see the home team play ball so do what the locals do and watch the Padres! San Diego PETCO Park offers several food options so that you have something delicious to snack on during games. Visitors and locals alike agree that PETCO Park is a beautiful ball park in an ideal downtown location.

  • The Padres: Root for the San Diego Padres during a baseball game at Petco Park. See this local team take on the visitors - and cheer your heart out at San Diego PETCO Park.
  • Food Options: Go with a twist on the traditional hot dog - and order the foot long bacon wrapped hot dog with chili and potato chips. This food creation at PETCO Park San Diego will fill you up and satisfy your craving for junk food. PETCO Park in San Diego also has great nachos that come served in an impressive size. The nachos are great for sharing with friends.
  • Beautiful Ball Park: PETCO Park provides a welcoming and pleasing environment to watch a ball game. San Diego PETCO Park actually has a grassy park. You can see historic Padre murals as you walk around PETCO Park San Diego. If you've been to other stadiums, you may notice that PETCO Park San Diego feels bigger with plentiful seating. Even the walkways are open and spacious. San Diego PETCO Park charms visitors with the presence of the Western Metal Supply Co. building, which was built into the park.

The Local Scoop: With a fantastic location close to downtown, Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo and Seaport Village, you and your family will have plenty to do before and after your visit to PETCO Park in San Diego. From seeing the animal exhibits and shows at the zoo to wandering through the novelty shops at Seaport Village, there is a lot to do in the area around PETCO Park San Diego.

  • Do Wander Around Downtown: Get a meal at a great San Diego restaurant. San Diego PETCO Park is close to the Gaslamp Quarter, where you can find all kinds of cuisine. Italian, Indian, Japanese, Irish food and more can be found in the Gaslamp District.
  • Do Bring The Whole Family: PETCO Park is a great place to spend time together with your family. You and your kids can snack on delicious food, watch sports, cheer and wander around while looking at the Padres murals.
  • Don't Go Hungry: The variety of cuisine at PETCO Park is awesome. Get a clam chowder bread bowl from Anthony's Fish Grotto or a flavorful slice from Filippi's Pizza. If you want something saucy, head to Randy Jones BBQ at Petco Park.
  • Don't Mind The Walk: Save some money by parking at any of the nearby lots and walking to PETCO Park.

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