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Leucadia State Beach

Leucadia State Beach

Leucadia State Beach
948 Neptune Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024

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Leucadia State Beach, also known as Beacon's by locals, is a secluded family friendly beach known for good mellow surf, white sand and beautiful sea cliffs. State Beach Leucadia is located on Neptune Avenue in north county San Diego. It has one small parking lot and some available street parking. Getting there can be confusing if you've never been before since it's located on a one way street in a residential area but it's worth the adventure, plus you'll get to check out the quaint coastal community of Leucadia. Make sure to arrive early on peak summer weekends or holidays as this area gets crowded and parking can be difficult.

Nestled between Encinitas and Carlsbad, Leucadia is known for a mellow vibe, laid back locals, surf mentality, fun dive bars and beautiful Leucadia State Beach. You'll often see cars plastered with stickers stating "Keep Leucadia Funky" as it attracts an eclectic group and tries to maintain an old-school San Diego beach scene. Leucadia State Beach, along with Grandview Beach just up the street, are popular hang outs for local high school kids, families and young adults trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger beaches like Moonlight or Mission Beach. Make a day of it and drive along highway 101 in San Diego, make a lunch stop at Jamroc 101 for some Caribbean food and head to Leucadia State Beach for some good surfing, sun tanning or Frisbee.

Leucadia State Beach is a relaxed alternative to the bigger San Diego beaches. Protected by tall sea cliffs, Leucadia's State Beach tends to be less crowded and more family oriented than other beaches. It could be in part because of the switchback trail to trek down to the beach from the street or the hidden location on a residential street. Either way, locals and visitors enjoy the laid back vibe of Leucadia State Beach.

  • Parking: Leucadia State Beach has one small parking lot off Neptune Avenue but there is usually ample street parking along the side streets from the beach.
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are available at State Beach Leucadia from 10am - 6pm only during the summer months.
  • Dogs: No dogs are allowed on this beach.
  • Facilities: Leucadia State Beach does not have bathrooms or showers.

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