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City Heights Farmers Market

City Heights Farmers Market

City Heights Farmers Market
Wightman St.
(between Fairmount and 43rd )
San Diego, CA 92105
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

City Heights Farmers Market Information

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This up and coming farmer’s market has only been operating for a few years, but is already gaining quite the following. The City Heights Farmer’s Market is situated on 4340 Wightman Street, between 43rd Street and Fairmount Street in City Heights. It takes place each Saturday from 9am to 1pm. This market is on the smaller side, making it much more accessible and easier to fully explore all of its great offerings. There are more traditional products like fresh and organic produce being sold at very reasonable prices, and diverse and varied ready to eat options of such cuisine as Vietnamese, Mexican, Ethiopian and Ecuadoran. Highly recommended by local patrons are the pupusas and the samosas. The City Heights Farmer’s Market also boasts some more unconventional vendors and opportunities, such as fun science exploration activities for kids, a wellness booth, handy lessons on how to repair a bike, a swap meet of all sorts of wares, and even an Internet cafe. All of these elements add to the community feel of the City Heights Farmer Market.

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