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San Diego Beauty And Shopping

The best way to experience the highlights of La Jolla. Our Original La Jolla Kayak Tour is highly rated and hugely recommended, and fun for everyone!

Pricey galleries are easy to find in La Jolla's main shopping area. Tourists wander in and out of the ones on Prospect Street and Girard Avenue, but I don't see a...
Though very successful in La Jolla running a more traditional spa, owner of Tina Marie & Co., is branching out into the world of the hottest new beauty trend: blow...
There are two items of clothing most women hate shopping for. One is a decent fitting pair of jeans, the other is a bathing suit. Both reveal the parts of our...
Much of retail may be suffering, but in Solana Beach along the breezy avenue of South Cedros, two new boutiques have opened across the street from each other, both...
Aloha Sunday embraces the notion of outfitting the guys and girls of the surfer/beach community after they emerge from the sea--fashion for stylish beach bums.
Men who live in San Diego and love to dress well didn't have a lot of shopping options—until now.
Gambucci boutique is not for the average shopper. It caters to a very innovative and independent woman, who strives for individuality.
Cathedral is the anti-Abercrombie & Fitch—the smells that emanate from this boutique aren’t cloying and don’t waft beyond a couple of centimeters from their source.
Check out Bad Madge, Passione Boutique, and Bridget’s Blooms
Check out Hunt & Gather, Junc Boutique & Gallery, Beauty By Holly, and M.dot
The House Boi boutique and home furnishing store is “shmying” heaven.
Make a short trip up the 101, to a little strip mall with a bevy of fashionable hot spots.
Marcus Hanish turned a faltering hair salon into a clothing boutique he calls Boutique de Marcus.
Lolo boutique: Euro style at US prices


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