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Mission Valley Farmers Market

Mission Valley Farmers Market

Mission Valley Farmers Market
1288 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego, CA 92108
3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Mission Valley Farmers Market Information

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Start your weekend off right with a stop at the Mission Valley Farmer’s Market. Located in the parking lot at 2018 Camino Del Este by the Target in Mission Valley, this San Diego farmer’s market gets underway every Friday at 3pm and stays open until 7pm. This is a modest and accessible market that still offers some truly delicious fresh produce, as well as some more interesting offerings like specialty popcorns (the vendor even has flavors of blueberry and vanilla popcorns,) salsa and hummus. There are also some meal options, including some cuisines that are hard to get in San Diego, like an Ethiopian stand with some great samboussa, and a Ghanan booth. When walking around this San Diego farmer’s market you may also find some interesting knick-nacks and jewelry. It might be a good idea to coordinate a Mission Valley shopping trip with an investigation of this farmer’s market so you can solve all of your shopping needs in one go.

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