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San Diego Beauty And Shopping

Check out Bad Madge, Passione Boutique, and Bridget’s Blooms
Check out Hunt & Gather, Junc Boutique & Gallery, Beauty By Holly, and M.dot
The House Boi boutique and home furnishing store is “shmying” heaven.
Where can you find European shops, a store full of heady spices, an olive oil tasting room and a purveyor of international cheeses?
Make a short trip up the 101, to a little strip mall with a bevy of fashionable hot spots.
A highly skilled team of fashionistas await you.
Marcus Hanish turned a faltering hair salon into a clothing boutique he calls Boutique de Marcus.
Lolo boutique: Euro style at US prices
If you can find this place then you know you're cool. It's waaaay off the beaten track in an industrial warehouse complex in the middle of Mission Valley/Mission...
Watch your spending without giving up quality and great style. A few places around San Diego offer both.
One of the most important pieces of advice I give on NYE attire is not to go out and buy something just for the night.
Who would have thought 2010 would be the year of brave new small business owners. Women and men who looked past the business pages and into their souls for the...
Owner Stefanie Lyon has owned one of the only independent Nicole Miller boutiques in the country for 15 years.
The Pink Lagoon boutique in Solana beach is not just another clothing boutique.
Jerome’s will kick off one of its first collaborations with interior designer Summer Baltzer of the HGTV shows Design on a Dime and Unhinged.


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