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Jungle Bells at the Zoo

Jungle Bells at the Zoo

San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Dec. 10 - Jan. 2

Jungle Bells at the Zoo Information

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Top 5 Things to Know about the San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells 2016

  1. Activities: The San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells exhibit is jam packed with activites that include Northern Frontier's Holiday Forest and animal encounters. Get there early this year and spend time with the Rhinos, Polar Bears and more! 
  2. Animal Conservation: The San Diego Zoo is used by San Diego Zoo Global for animal conservation so you can go visit these wonderful creatures with the knowledge that you are supporting a great cause.
  3. Contests: There are multiple contests taking place during Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo that include a photo scavenger hunt and polar bear quiz!
  4. Admission: San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells admission costs vary by package and include pricing for all activities in the park.
  5. Parking: San Diego Zoo has different parking fees depending on the vehicle. Cars & trucks are $12 and RVs are $17.  Diamond Club membership (and up) park for free - all other members get a $3 discount (must have valid ID).  Preferred parking is available on holidays and weeks for an additional $15.

Why It's Awesome: We adore the San Diego Zoo during its Jungle Bells celebration because of its engagement with the community and the joy it brings to families during this holiday season. 

  • Natural Environment: OK, so the animals at San Diego Zoo are not actually in their natural environment but the recreated habitats are as close as we can get in Southern California, and the park does a great job at authenticating which is great to see during the holidays.
  • Department of Education: The San Diego Zoo has a strong emphasis on education and lots of great programs to teach kids and adults about animal awareness and conservation. Not only will the whole family enjoy seeing the animals here, but they'll learn great facts about them too!  

Breaking downt the Do's and Don'ts: Once you purchase your tickets, gear up for a great time at the San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells by following our simple Do's and Don'ts.

  • Do wear comfortable shoes: Jungle Bells exhibit and activites are spread out over 1,800 acres and requires a fair share of walking in order to full experience the park. Leave those fashionable high heels at home for this San Diego attraction!
  • Do take the Twinkle Light Trolley: It's pretty incredible to travel around the park in a huge animal shaped light sculputure! This is an experience your kiddos will never forget.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen: The San Diego Zoo is located in the sunny San Diego, and although it is winter time the sun is still shining very strong! 

A Few Featured Jungle Bells Activities you are going to want to enjoy!

  • Toy Shop Hop: San Diego Zoo pulls out all the stops with Santa's acrobatic elves sharing the joy and twinkle of this holiday seasons! Don't miss out on their performances.
  • Celebration of Lights: A huge highlight of visiting the Zoo during this holiday season is their celebration of lights. All equipped with hundreds of strands of colorful lights that will dazzle you and your family.
  • Polar Express 4-D Experience: Experience the Polar Express in 4-D with the San Diego Zoo. You will feel like you are at the north pole witnessing the magic of Santa's magical train!

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