Deciding to seek treatment for addiction or mental health struggles can be challenging and stressful. Choosing a suitable facility to go to is another crucial decision to make progress toward successful recovery. While San Diego has several reputable rehab facilities, it is also beneficial to consider exploring options outside of San Diego. Going out of town for treatment can allow those struggling with addiction and mental health to remove themselves from triggers and have a treatment process focused solely on personal growth and creating a healthy environment. Going away for rehab can also help with recovery as it provides a layer of privacy, allows one to receive a specific type of treatment, and helps keep the focus on healing.


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Remove triggers


Going out of San Diego for rehab might benefit some people because it will allow them to get away from the triggers they are exposed to at home or the negative influences they are often surrounded by. Triggers can include people, places, or events. Still, whatever the triggers are, if the person trying to seek help is regularly around them, it can be challenging to progress toward recovery even while in treatment. Going to a treatment center far away allows the individual to remove themselves from constant reminders or temptations that might lead to relapse. Being away from triggers will allow time for reflection and developing healthy coping strategies.




Attending a rehab center far from San Diego can allow individuals to remove themselves from the social pressures that might impact their addiction and mental health. Attending a rehab center far away can also enable individuals to establish a new identity, free from who they used to be or what others expected them to be. For example, for high schoolers at a residential teen drug treatment center, being far from home will allow them to have complete privacy from their peers while getting treatment and focus on their recovery without the pressures of being their age. This level of privacy can also benefit the individual’s loved ones. Having a sense of distance can allow the patient to get treatment without the concerns of their friends and family while also allowing their loved ones to accept and heal through the recovery.


Get specific treatment


While San Diego has several treatment centers for those struggling with addiction and mental health difficulties, it is important to find the best treatment center to meet the specific needs of the patients. If the San Diego treatment centers do not have what is specifically needed for the individual, look at a new location for that specific support. Many rehab centers offer specialized treatment options, such as wilderness or art therapy, which may not be available locally. Treatment in a different area also allows them to access specific support networks that may not be available to them in San Diego. Other regions might have different recovery communities that can benefit long-term recovery.


Create a healthy environment


Going to rehab in an area outside of San Diego will allow for an opportunity to create a new, healthy environment that supports recovery. This is especially beneficial for anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues with an unhealthy environment contributing to their need for recovery. Going to a new area for treatment will provide those needing support with strategies to seek out positive relationships, build new support networks, and create healthy coping mechanisms for high-stress situations. Rehab allows patients to develop new routines and follow structure to create healthy habits, which is a beneficial tool for building a new, healthy environment. 


Focus on commitment


Going to rehab out of town can help the individual focus on their commitment to recovery by being in a new environment. It can reduce the distractions that limit healing and self-reflection. A new environment can provide a fresh perspective and help with continuing on the path toward recovery. Being in a facility in a new area without familiar faces can allow for a sense of community and support through group therapy sessions, support groups, and other activities. If staying close to home in San Diego for treatment, the temptation to leave when things get difficult might be more prevalent than being far away.