There are so many different perspectives out there when it comes to storing stuff. Some people think they need to go minimalist and not have a storage unit, while others trend toward a maximalist approach and want to enjoy the things they have. Others want less clutter, but don’t actually want to get rid of everything. And then there’s the issue of moving and what to do with everything in the transition. The good news is that there are plenty of options and there are different approaches. There are many reasons why a storage unit might be a good choice, and here are some of them.

Moving to San Diego

When you’re moving to a big city, a storage unit can be an asset. Since many apartments and homes in San Diego are more compact, this means many people find it more difficult to fit all their belongings when they move to town. There are plenty of storage units in San Diego that are secure and accessible 24/7. They give new people the opportunity to put away seasonal items and other things that won’t fit easily in their new place when they get to town. Plus, if your smaller place is only temporary, a storage unit is a good option so you can hang onto the things you’ll need later.

Preparing To Sell Your Home

Staging a home often means taking down excess pictures, packing up clutter, and more. When you’re selling your home, your realtor will often recommend home staging to make your place more appealing to potential buyers. But the question is, where can you put all this extra stuff before your house sells? A storage unit is a perfect solution. When you’re selling your home, you can declutter and box up all the excess things you store in closets, on counters, and on bookshelves. Then bring everything to your storage unit so that it stays out of sight until closing.

Excess Business Inventory

Running a business from home is wonderful, but when you need to buy in bulk, finding room in your home can be a challenge. A storage unit is a great solution. You can rent them month-to-month, the cost is lower than renting a warehouse, and you can get ones that will fit shelves and other storage solutions to keep your products organized. Many offer onsite security and have cameras to help keep everything safe. If you need to access your things during odd hours, most locations have a way for you to access the site.

Declutter Your Home or Workspace

Do you want less clutter, but you don’t want to get rid of anything yet? Maybe you like to decorate seasonally and need room in the garage for the car instead. A storage unit will give you the extra space you need to store away seasonal items, clutter, and other things that you don’t need all the time. You can put extra desks and chairs in storage to open up your office space as well.

Save Family Heirlooms You Don’t Have Room For

Many times, people inherit family heirlooms that they don’t want to get rid of, but the truth is they have nowhere to put them in their homes either. A storage unit gives you a place to keep furniture, photos, and special items that can’t fit in your home. When you move or downsize the items in your home, you can always make a place for the things you stored away in your storage unit. These are also helpful when your kids head off and go to college. You can pack up their things if needed and keep them safely stored away for when they get their own place.

Storing Awkward Items

Whether it’s summer things like life jackets and fishing poles or winter things like skis and snowsuits or even just lawn ornaments that won’t fit in your shed, a storage unit is a great place for awkward items. Some people even use a storage unit for a stand-up paddleboard. The nice thing about temporary storage units is that you can often get very large sizes like 10x30 or something small like 5x5 if that’s all you need.


Storage Units are great for people moving to San Diego, those who are downsizing their homes, and others who want a better storage spot than behind the front door.