Let's get real. Staying healthy isn't always fun, and it can certainly be a drag. Between the monotony of eating a healthy (but often boring) diet and fitting in the obligatory workout sessions - abiding by the samey-same health routine can be a big yawn. Thankfully, there are countless ways to stay healthy in San Diego and have fun doing it too! Don't take our word for it. Check out these tried-and-true activities and destinations in America's Finest City that will keep you fit and having a blast.

Stock up on Your Vitamins at San Diego Health and Vitamin Stores

San Diego is jam-packed with some of the finest health food stores and vitamin shops, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your multivitamin supplement ever again. Moreover, SD’s health markets offer a bundle of fun.  Take a trip to Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market in Central SD.  This sustainable, ethical, veggie-centric coop is your answer for all-vegetarian vitamins, organic nut butters, flower essences, premium produce, grains, and much more.   Or, check out Gelsons, an upscale market with every kind of healthy gourmet edible you can imagine. From fresh seafood to handcrafted sushi made daily - there’s no chance your diet will get boring when you shop at Gelsons or any of the many top-notch vitamin health food shops in San Diego.

Hit the Local Food Trucks (Healthier Than You Think)

When you think “food truck,” does your mind conjure images of greasy burgers or bacon-wrapped deep-fried nosh?  If so, you’re not thinking like a true San Diegan.  To explain, San Diego has some of the healthiest food trucks in the country, and tons of these mobile eateries serve all-organic fare.  Take the “O” Food Truck, for example, where the “O” stands for Organic, and they are serious about organic freshy-fresh food.  Try their Brussels sprouts plate, where they sautee the sprouts in local chardonnay and organic olive oil and pair it with their spiced organic grilled chicken and brown rice. Yummo. Or, look up where Salt and Lime is parking to get a load of their modern, low-carb, low-cal Mexican cuisine. We love their fresh-catch grilled fish Baja tacos coupled with their zesty nopalito (cactus) salad.

Pick a Beach and Start Playing,  We Mean Exercising

Who says workouts have to be stodgy and exhausting?  When you aim to exercise in San Diego, beaches are the only way to get your cardio quota for the week.  From learning how to surf at La Jolla’s Surf Camp or playing beach volleyball at Mission Beach - there is no end to the fun in the sun you can have, all while staying healthy in San Diego.  Whether you opt to go scuba diving among the Ancient Sea Cliffs off Point Loma or go power-swimming at Coronado Beach, there is most assuredly a beach-centric activity that will keep you fit and having fun in San Diego.  And don’t forget to catch a yoga beach event, such as Sunday Morning Yoga on Sunset Cliffs, or go primal with Bare Naked Yoga at Black’s Beach in La Jolla (yes, it really is yoga in the buff).

Go Healthy for SD’s Farmers Markets

Organic, farm-to-market, exotic, wholesome, healthy - all of these descriptions and more apply to San Diego’s farmer's markets.  Pick up an artisanal, fresh-pressed bottle of olive oil at Little Italy Farmers Market, or swing by the Leucadia farmers market in Encinitas and bag a dozen organic fresh eggs while stocking up on local honey and homemade jam free from additives or preservatives. Or catch up on the local buzz with the friendly folks at Pacific Beach Farmers Market, where you can get same-day seafood catches, organic produce, and delicious vegan soups.

Boost Your Energy With IV Treatments in San Diego

Okay, getting a vitamin surge intravenously might not be everybody’s idea of the most fun way to get healthy in San Diego, but if needles don’t freak you out, an IV session can work wonders for your energy levels. IV therapy has soared in popularity, and there are new clinics in the SD area popping up all the time.  There are even mobile IV therapy services that can meet you at just about any location so you can get your nutrient-rich fix to help you detox, reenergize, and even stave off the effects of aging.

Get Your Cardio Allotment on the Pacific Beach Boardwalk

The boardwalk between Mission and Pacific beaches is like a magnet for everyone from fitness buffs to casual strollers.  Strap on your roller skates and exercise while enjoying the San Diego sun, year-round warm breezes, and beautiful ocean views.  If strapping wheels on your feet for exercise isn’t your thing, pack up your bike. Don’t have a bicycle? No worries. There are plenty of places to rent a bike, such as Ray’s Rentals at Mission Beach.  Whether you roll, speed-walk, jog, or just amble briskly - the boardwalk is a stellar way to have fun and get your cardio clocked for the day.

Paddle Your Way to a Fit Physique

Why go to a stuffy gym and spend thirty minutes on a mind-numbing rowing machine when you can kayak or paddleboard in the Pacific Ocean?  Rent a kayak or take a tour and paddle among dolphins, leopard sharks, and sunning sea lions while zipping through the La Jolla Sea Caves.  Or master your standup paddleboard skills (which is great for strengthening your core) by renting one from any Mission Bay rental shop and then hit the waves for an invigorating, health-affirming adventure.

Put the Giddyup Back in Your Health Routine

If you’re not already aware, horseback riding is an outstanding exercise.  In fact, horseback riding promotes a healthy spine, strengthens core muscles, improves coordination, and it’s been known to be a fabulous mood lifter.  Book a private riding session with Happy Trails riding specialists in San Diego, or saddle up with San Diego Beach Rides, where you can take a romantic trot on horseback on the beach.  It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, as both these providers and other riding services offer lessons or outings for all levels of experience.  What matters most is getting your fitness fix while having phenomenal fun.

In closing, we hope these ideas for staying healthy in San Diego have inspired you to shake up your routine and explore different ways to stay fit while having boatloads of fun.