If you’ve ever visited San Diego, you’re likely quite familiar with the beachside communities, the downtown area, and some of the more coastal, western portions of the city. San Diego as a city is versatile as can be, sure, but what about San Diego County?

The county of San Diego covers a ton of ground, including the popular Scripps Ranch, or Scripps Miramar Ranch, community further inland. If hiking, a slower-paced lifestyle, a neighborhood full of community events, nice neighbors, and a very high standard of life call to you, this might just be your place! As you begin your search for the perfect home in Scripps Ranch, California, you’ll likely have some questions about the process. We’ll talk a bit about San Diego and what you can expect in living near America’s Finest City, the house hunting process, and making Scripps Ranch your home.

Summer in San Diego

Living in San Diego

Deciding on a move to San Diego should be nothing but exciting. After all, you’re in a Southern California gem where you’re never far from the ocean, the mountains, a downtown area, a farmers’ market, and people from all over the place.

Scripps Ranch may not be San Diego proper, but it can be perfect for someone looking to avoid the city, tourists, and any congestion of more well-known, popular areas. You’ll have access to be a part of things when you wish, but you can also avoid the hustle and bustle as you, please. If you do find that Scripps Ranch feels like the right home for you to settle down in, it’s important to have the right expectations about what life will be like here.

About Scripps Ranch San Diego

Scripps Ranch was founded by newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps, and it began as a 400-acre ranch back in 1898 before it expanded eventually to 1,200 acres. The community lost 300 acres in the Cedar Fire in 2003, only to be rebuilt into the beautiful, very affluent community, that we know and recognize today. 

With easy access to the I-15, many residents will commute to downtown or other nearby areas in San Diego like Del Mar and La Jolla for work before coming home to a peaceful community. Scripps Ranch has a population of over 32,000 people and boasts over 12,000 households, making this area not only affluent but quite expansive.

Scripps Ranch Neighborhoods

San Diego suburb

Scripps Ranch is in the northeastern part of San Diego, above the city but below the hilly hiking oases and lakes of Poway and Ramona. Known alternatively as Scripps Miramar Ranch, this is a wonderful community for those of all ages. 

Scripps Ranch is made up of a group of large subdivisions, often referred to as the ‘Scripps Ranch Neighborhoods,’ some of which are:

· Terraza

· Lakepoint

· Cypress

· Triana

· Ivy Crest

· Canbrerra Park

· Montoro

· Stonebridge Estates

· Rimcrest

· Wine Country

· Presidio

· The Highlands

This is a unique community that has many smaller subcommunities, meaning that the search process may feel overwhelming, but you’ll be able to really hone in on what you want out of a home and neighborhood. Scripps Ranch is also close to many nearby San Diego neighborhoods, not to be confused with the smaller communities that make up this area.

Nearby neighborhoods include:

· Sabre Springs, San Diego, CA

· Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

· Miramar, San Diego, CA

· Carmel Mountain, San Diego, CA

· Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, CA

· Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA

· Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA

· Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

· Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA

· Rancho Bernadino, San Diego, CA

Starting Your Home Search

As you begin the process of searching for a home in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, you may find yourself curious about which step you should be taking first. If you’re in San Diego or somewhere nearby that allows you to make a day trip to tour these California properties, that’s great! Even so, you’ll probably want to do some searching online to investigate everything from the area to the currently listed real estate, homes for sale.

This will give you the best idea of the location you are interested in, the average square footage of homes and lot size, and what Scripps Ranch is like, and will help you easily view and share information about what you find.

 You can start with a website like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin as you start to get an idea of what you are realistically looking for. Other sources are out there that can help you to investigate properties and compare data, but these sites can act as a great compass, to begin with. You can always verify data later on using the San Diego MLS (multiple listing service) with your broker, realtor, or real estate agent.

Realty Firms in San Diego

Speaking of a real estate professional… connecting with one is going to be the next step in your journey to buy a Scripps Ranch Home. Their purpose is to help with accessibility by highlighting features like bedrooms and bathrooms to help you navigate the MLS, each listing, and other data that might be applicable. Once you have one that seems to be on that same page and who you've deemed reliable, you're in a good position to look at the price, listings, and other considerations. 

If you need help searching for and identifying prospective properties, specifically in Scripps Ranch or in nearby zip codes, a California real estate professional that specializes in non-commercial property is going to be just what you need!

Top realty firms in San Diego:

· Berkshire Hathaway

  • Coldwell Banker Realty/ Coldwell Banker West
  • RC Realty San Diego
  • Alliance Realty and Investments
  • Big Block Realty
  • Luxre Realty
  • eXp Realty
  • Realty Source, Inc
  • DEM Real Estate

You might be wondering why exactly, or even if, it’s worth working with a real estate professional as opposed to doing your own personal research.

Well, you can certainly begin by doing your online research and touring some open houses, but you’ll quickly find that a realtor or real estate agent, and eventually a broker, is the way to go.

Real estate professionals will get you access to private tours, and homes that haven’t even been listed to the public yet and will be able to provide context and advice on the local housing market. The accuracy of the MLS will help you to view and share information about homes, from the time they are just on display until you are pending a contract for purchase.

After you work with a realtor or real estate agent to communicate with a seller and their listing agent, you’ll be referred to a broker to help you secure your dream home and finalize the sale.

The Home Buying Process

Sold Home

From condos and townhouses to large, standalone homes, you’ll find that when it comes to Scripps Ranch real estate, homes for sale range from the upper $200k to well over $1 million. San Diego overall has a booming, competitive housing market, but Scripps Ranch is a particularly affluent area of the San Diego metro, which says a lot in such a highly sought-after part of Southern California. Prices will be slightly higher in Scripps Ranch than in some other San Diego areas. You can expect a single-family home to be on the market for about 60 days and sell at an average price of $630k. A condo averages closer to $330k and tends to be on the market for a slightly shorter 45 days.

You should make sure ahead of any home-buying process that you have your personal finances in mind, from your employment and income information to your liquid assets and debt-to-income ratio. If you need to take out a mortgage and other home loans, those will need to be applied to before you submit your application for the home itself. 

Finalizing Your Scripps Ranch Home Purchase

Once you’ve ensured that all your ducks are in a row and you’ve been doing your research, touring, and working with agents, your broker will be the final guide as you come to an agreement and work to officially buy your home.

Your broker will help to communicate, negotiate, and give your final offer to the seller and their listing agent. They have access to the tools and connections to help wrap up your home purchase smoothly and properly.

See You Soon, Scripps Ranch!

Now, after however long you’ve spent applying for loans, researching, touring, scouring options, and making offers, you’ll have finally made it past the finish line by purchasing your home. Scripps Ranch San Diego is a wonderful community, some might even call it a hidden gem of San Diego.

Are you a current, past, or prospective resident of this area? Let us know! @sandiegodotcom