San Diego is famous for a few things. For one, the weather is incredible. There are more sunny days in the area than just about any place on Earth. The culture is laid-back. There is a lot of business and pleasure in San Diego. Whatever your life is like, it is an amazing place to live. It is no surprise, then, that the city and its surrounding county has become a great place for veterans to settle down. If you are a veteran or have a family member who is, below are some of the reasons that veterans love to settle down in San Diego.

Proximity to the Military

One of the reasons people may not consider when they’re wondering why veterans like San Diego is the proximity to the military. The military is everywhere in San Diego. Camp Pendleton in the north of San Diego is one of the largest military bases in the country. The Navy has a history of being stationed right off the coast of the city. 

Unconditional Surrender

There is the Coast Guard, the Marines, the Army, and all the veterans that come from these branches. Not to mention, getting Veterans Affairs services is easier where there are a lot of current and former military personnel. Finding a place to get a VA welcome kit is easy in San Diego. When a veteran wants to stay close to the military because it’s what they know, they should consider San Diego for a place to retire.

The Unbeatable Weather

Every veteran will love the weather in San Diego, but the older ones who are fully retired will enjoy it a touch more than the young ones. It is warm. It is sunny. It is pleasant most days of the year. People move to San Diego from around the country, the world even, for the weather in the area but older people who need the warmth for their bones, inflammation, and arthritis will benefit even more than the young veterans. When it comes to the reasons anyone wants to move to San Diego, the weather is at the top of the list.

Ability to Get Active

A lot of veterans, especially when they are back to civilian life, are used to a lot of physical activity. They are comfortable with strenuous exercise. One of the great benefits of San Diego is that you have the ability to stay active. With the opportunity to work out outdoors, play sports outside most days of the year, learn how to surf, and great hiking - so many veterans find San Diego a great place to maintain their body. When you are out of shape or just want to make sure you are in a place where you can exercise frequently, San Diego provides all of it. San Diego also has incredible gyms. One of the biggest benefits of the area is the veterans can stay as active as they want to be. 

The Popular Nightlife

For a lot of recent veterans, they feel like they’ve been robbed of their youth and want to experience some of the things that the average young person experiences. One very enticing aspect of San Diego for young veterans is the nightlife. You can have fun here in the city and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Whether you are trying to catch up on lost time or just want to be around the vibrancy of San Diego, there’s no surprise that people want to be in the region because of all the nightlife opportunities and fun ways to spend your free time.

These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. With so many benefits to the region of San Diego, it is a great place for anyone to live. Between the proximity to the military, the great weather, the physical culture, and the popular nightlife, there are countless reasons why a veteran would want to move to San Diego. Are you a veteran? Do you have a veteran in your life looking to experience life or settle down? San Diego is one of the best options for any veteran at any time of their life. Spend some time here and you will see why.