There are plenty of things to like about living in Riverside. Still, whether it's a move for a job or career change, family plans, or other reasons if you need to sell your home in Riverside, a possibility is to consider selling and moving to San Diego.  San Diego offers plenty of things to do for adults, kids, and the entire family. 


Local San Diego Attractions

Local attractions include the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park to, SeaWorld and Legoland; museums in Balboa Park; Belmont Park; Coronado, and La Jolla. In addition, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do that make San Diego a great place to raise your family.  In fact, there’s so much more to San Diego than meets the eye. With year-round moderate weather to a thriving job market, San Diego outpaces Riverside and other, I.E., counties in quality of living. 

A side by side comparison shows that the average age of Riverside residents is 3 years younger than San Diego but that home prices are approximately ⅓ more expensive in SD.  While Riverside is just one county in the Inland Empire, San Diego as a whole has almost 1 million more residents than Riverside but the unemployment rate is a full point lower in San Diego at 6% to Riverside’s 7%. 

Suppose you’re interested in relocating to San Diego. In that case, you should visit and look around to explore the various neighborhoods and find a community you’d like to live in before you commit to moving.  The first thing is to speak with an experienced real estate agent that can assist you in finding the right house at a reasonable price that fits your budget.  Once you decide that relocating to San Diego is for you and you have a rough idea of where you want to reside, as well as the cost it will be to move there, selling your home in Riverside is what you need to do next. 

Cost of Ownership

With the rising costs of home ownership, and the continuing demand for rental properties, one strategy to consider is renting your Riverside home.  By renting you have someone else pay your debts down by way of monthly rent and the best part is that you may be able to make some passive income along the way. 


But if you want to sell your property, there are a few things you need to know first. 

  • Interest Rates: Interest rates are the costs attached to a loan. In response to rising inflation, the US Fed has raised the prime rate, the interest that lenders get money from the Central Bank, and those climbing rates are passed along to the consumer.  Why does it matter to you? If you’re trying to sell your house fast in Riverside, San Diego or any county within Southern California, the higher the interest rate, the harder for buyers to secure funding. So you will either need to have a flexible timeline or to create a strategy with an agent to help assist you sell it quickly. 
  • Hire A Real Estate Agent: In most instances, real estate agents work on a commission, which is only paid after you sell your home. The greater the commission you offer to the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, the more incentive they have to help find and secure the best deal possible.  An experienced agent will help you determine what, if any, renovations and upkeep should be done to help increase your curb appeal and selling price. Curb appeal is a descriptor for the way your house appears to a prospective buyer from the curb or street. 
  • Make Renovations: Curb appeal is the buyer’s first impression of your home and good curb appeal can influence the potential buyer’s interest in your property. 

And curb appeal doesn’t need to cost you a ton. A simple paint job, changing the blinds in the window and improving the landscaping can create a perspective of value to the potential buyer.  After you decide on the curb appeal, the next thing is to consult with your agent and decide what renovations and touch-ups may be needed on the interior of the home to increase the selling price of your home. 

One thing to be aware of, just because you spend $10,000 on renovations doesn’t guarantee that you’ll add $10,000 in value to the selling price of your home.  Some renovations are more valuable than others, so consulting with an experienced agent is critical. 

Once you determine it’s time to sell your home in Southern California, getting with an experienced agent that can help you understand the local market, potential sticking points in financial negotiations like an increase in the interest rates, as well as determine the renovations needed to increase the value of your home is crucial. That being said, if you’re looking for a quick and easy sale, consider partnering with an off-market cash home buyer to simplify the home selling process and sell on an expedited timeline.