Top Outdoor Adventures with Wheel Fun Rentals San Diego

Are you looking for an exciting way to explore San Diego? Wheel Fun Rentals San Diego offers a variety of bikes and specialty cycles at key locations like Oceanside, Embarcadero, Downtown, and Coronado Island. Whether you want a beachside ride or a city adventure, this guide will help you find the perfect rental and the best spots to explore with Wheel Fun Rentals San Diego.

Key Takeaways

  • Wheel Fun Rentals in San Diego offers diverse bike rental options at multiple prime locations like Oceanside, Embarcadero, Downtown, and Coronado Island, catering to various sightseeing adventures.

  • They provide specialty cycles such as Double Surreys, Tag-A-Longs, and Kids Trailers, perfect for family outings and ensuring a fun, safe ride for all ages.

  • Electric bikes and traditional bikes are available, including cruiser bikes for relaxed rides, road bikes for performance, and durable fat tire bikes for off-road adventures.


Discover Wheel Fun Rentals in San Diego


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Wheel Fun Rentals has served over 3 million happy customers across the United States, offering a diverse array of rental options including:

  • traditional cruiser bikes

  • specialty bikes

  • carriage-like Surreys

  • tandem bikes

Numerous prime locations across San Diego host Wheel Fun Rentals, each stocked with unique equipment to enrich your adventure. Whether you’re planning to explore:

  • the beachside charm of Oceanside

  • the waterfront beauty of the Embarcadero

  • the bustling energy of Downtown

  • the serene vibes of Coronado Island

Wheel Fun Rentals has you covered.

Oceanside Location

Located next to the iconic Oceanside Pier, the Oceanside location is perfect for beach-goers and those looking to explore the coastal beauty of San Diego. Offering a variety of rentals including:

  • beach cruisers

  • Surreys

  • tandem bikes

  • electric bikes

This spot makes it easy to find the perfect ride for your adventure.

Embarcadero / Marina District Location

Situated at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, the Embarcadero / Marina District location is ideal for scenic waterfront rides. From here, you can explore:

  • The Marina

  • Gaslamp Quarter

  • San Diego Harbor

  • Seaport Village

Making it a great starting point for a memorable day out.

Downtown San Diego Location

The Downtown San Diego location, found at Wyndham San Diego Bayside near the Cruise ship terminal and USS Midway in San Diego CA, offers a range of rentals including:

  • Electric bikes

  • Family bikes

  • Surreys

  • And more.

This location operates seven days a week, providing flexible rental hours to suit your schedule.

Coronado Island Location

Just a few blocks north of the Hotel Del Coronado, the Coronado Island location at 1019 C Avenue features a large selection of bikes, specialty cycles, and electric bikes in San Diego. It’s the perfect place to start your exploration of this picturesque island.

Specialty Cycles for Family Fun


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Specialty cycles, a hallmark of Wheel Fun Rentals, are an exciting and secure option for families and groups eager to explore. These include the Double Surrey, Tag-A-Long, and Kids Trailer, each designed to provide unique and enjoyable experiences for riders of all ages.

Whether it’s a relaxed beachside ride or an adventurous city tour you’re planning, these specialty cycles promise to add more excitement to your trip.

Double Surrey

Modern carriages called surreys, like the Double Surrey, can accommodate up to six adults and two small children, making them ideal for the entire family. With four pedaling positions and a front basket for small children, this cycle ensures everyone can join in the fun safely.

Priced at $40 per hour, these rentals allow you to savor a relaxed ride without straining your wallet.


The Tag-A-Long bike attachment is perfect for children who may not have the stamina to pedal the entire journey. This attachment allows kids to participate in family rides without getting overly fatigued, making it a practical choice for longer outings.

Tag-A-Long rentals are available at $10 per hour, with half-day and full-day rates at $24 and $32 respectively.

Kids Trailer

The Kids Trailer is designed with safety and comfort in mind, featuring UV protection for sunny days. Lightweight and easy to attach, it’s a convenient option for parents looking to keep their little ones safe during the ride.

Electric Bikes for Modern Explorers


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Wheel Fun Rentals provides an array of electric bikes, the go-to choice for modern explorers keen on traversing more territory with minimal effort. Designed for a seamless and pleasurable ride, these bikes boast multiple rider modes and useful displays for speed, mode selection, and battery life.

Capable of reaching speeds of 20mph and covering a range of 15-30 miles, electric bikes are perfect for traversing the varied landscapes of San Diego.

City Electric Bike

City Electric Bikes are ideal for urban exploration, equipped with multiple rider modes such as eco, normal, and high. These bikes are available for $22 per hour, $55 for half a day, and $85 for a full day, providing a flexible and efficient way to navigate the city.

Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Fat Tire Electric Bike is perfect for those looking to venture off the beaten path. Suitable for different terrains, including off-road and uneven surfaces, this bike ensures a stable ride.

Rentals are priced similarly to the City Electric Bike, offering great value for adventurous riders.

E-bike Rentals

With a variety of e-bike rentals available, Wheel Fun Rentals ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience for everyone. Each rental includes safety gear like helmets, and riders must be at least 16 years old, in compliance with California State law.

Traditional Bicycles for Every Rider


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Catering to every rider’s requirements, Wheel Fun Rentals offers a diverse selection of traditional bicycles. From cruiser bikes perfect for casual beachside rides to performance-oriented road bikes and versatile hybrid bikes, there’s something for everyone.

From relaxed coastal rides to intense cycling sessions on mountain bikes, you’re sure to find a bike that perfectly complements your adventure.

Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bikes are a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxed, beachside ride. They offer the following features:

  • Comfortable seats

  • Extra-wide comfort saddles

  • Thick tires

  • Soft grips

These bikes are designed for casual rides and sightseeing.

Rentals are reasonably priced at $13 per hour, $28 for a half-day, and $40 for a full day.

Road Bike

For those seeking speed and performance, Road Bikes are the perfect option. These bikes feature lightweight aluminum frames and composite forks, offering 18 speeds for a dynamic and performance-oriented ride.

Rentals cost $19 per hour, $42 for half a day, and $55 for full day rentals.

Deluxe Infinity Shifting Priority Hybrid Bike

The Deluxe Infinity Shifting Priority Hybrid Bike provides a super lightweight aluminum frame and effortless, infinite gear shifting, making it ideal for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Rental rates are $16 per hour, $33 for half a day, and $39 for a full day, offering great value for a versatile and enjoyable biking experience.

Rentals for Kids


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At Wheel Fun Rentals, the priority is guaranteeing a fun and safe ride for children. A variety of child-specific bike rental options ensure the safety and enjoyment of your young ones. From BMX styled Kids Bikes to Kids Cruisers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Kids Bike

Kids Bike rentals are available at $10 per hour, $24 for half a day, and $32 for a full day. Each rental includes safety gear such as helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads at no extra cost, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for young riders.

Kids Trailer

Keep your kids safe and comfortable with the UV-protected Kids Trailer. This trailer can accommodate two children and features a secure harness system, making it a great option for family rides.

Rentals cost $12 per hour, $26 for a half-day, and $32 for a full day.

Mobility Solutions

San Diego features mobility scooter rentals, ensuring accessibility at various tourist spots for individuals with mobility challenges. Wheel Fun Rentals at the Downtown San Diego location provides a variety of equipment, including Mobility Scooters. These scooters feature comfortable seating, easy-to-use controls, and long-lasting batteries for extended use.

Mobility Scooter

At the Downtown San Diego location, you can rent a variety of equipment including Mobility Scooters. It’s advisable to organize rentals in advance to ensure availability and a hassle-free experience, with pricing and booking options available on rental company websites.

Self-Guided Bike Tours

Wheel Fun Rentals’ self guided bike tour facilitates the exploration of San Diego at a pace of your choosing. These tours come with detailed maps and route suggestions, allowing you to navigate the city’s most popular routes and hidden gems.

No matter your interest - be it maritime history, picturesque coastal views, or vibrant street art - there’s a self-guided tour just for you.

Harbor Drive San Diego Tour

The Harbor Drive San Diego Tour offers stunning waterfront views and insights into maritime history. Key points of interest include the San Diego Maritime Museum, Waterfront Park, and the San Diego Convention Center, making it a delightful journey for history enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Beach Boardwalk Tour

The Beach Boardwalk Tour is perfect for beach lovers and beach explorers, offering scenic views of the Pacific Ocean along the coastline. This tour covers miles of beautiful beaches, including Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, providing a relaxing and picturesque ride.

Little Italy Exploration

Experience the vibrant street art and authentic Italian eateries on the Little Italy Exploration tour. Highlights include the Piazza della Famiglia and the historic Our Lady of the Rosary Church, offering a taste of Italian culture in the heart of San Diego.

Making Reservations

With both online booking and in-person reservations available, securing your bike rental is a breeze. To secure your preferred choice, it’s recommended to book at least a week in advance, particularly during peak times such as weekends and holidays. Wheel Fun Rentals provides a convenient 24/7 online booking platform, allowing you to select your preferred bike, rental duration, and pickup/drop-off times.

Online Booking

To book a bike rental online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Wheel Fun Rentals website.

  2. Navigate to the reservations section.

  3. Select the type of bike and rental duration you prefer.

  4. Enter your pickup and drop-off times.

  5. Provide your contact information to complete the booking.

This guarantees that everything is ready and set for your adventure.

In-Person Reservations

In-person reservations at Wheel Fun Rentals provide a hassle-free booking experience, particularly during peak periods. It’s recommended to arrive early in the day to secure the availability of your desired bike model.


Wheel Fun Rentals offers a wealth of options for exploring San Diego, from traditional bikes and specialty cycles to modern electric bikes and convenient mobility solutions. Whether you’re seeking a family adventure, a solo exploration, or a leisurely beach cruise, you can find the perfect rental to suit your needs. With multiple locations across the city, making a reservation is easy and ensures you have a memorable and enjoyable experience. So gear up, book your ride, and discover the best of San Diego with Wheel Fun Rentals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bikes can I rent at Wheel Fun Rentals in San Diego?

At Wheel Fun Rentals in San Diego, you can rent cruiser bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, and specialty cycles like Double Surreys and Kids Trailers. Enjoy your ride!

How much does it cost to rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals?

It varies, but for example, cruiser bikes cost $13 per hour, $28 for half a day, and $35 for a full day. Electric bikes start at $22 per hour. Wheel Fun Rentals also offers multi-day rates on certain bikes for added convenience and savings.

Are there any age restrictions for renting bikes?

Yes, there are age restrictions for renting bikes. Electric bikes require riders to be at least 16 years old, but there are options available for children with Kids Bikes and Kids Trailers.

Can I book a bike rental in advance?

Yes, it's a good idea to book your bike rental in advance, especially during busy times, to make sure you have one available when you need it.

What safety gear is included with bike rentals?

The bike rentals include safety gear like helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads at no extra cost for kids' bike rentals, while e-bike rentals include helmets as required by California law. So, you'll have everything you need for a safe ride!